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  1. OK,, So I transplanted White Widow Clones into my system yesterday, and I am still in the process of adjusting the PH.. Since I am running RDWC, I cant take a PH Reading right away,, I am adding PH Down to the controller bucket and giving it time to flow through the system and stabilize.

    I figured I would give the new girls a little fresh water for the first few days to let them acclimate (They are very Newly Rooted Clones), and will begin the feeding regiment then..

    My question is with the Advanced Nutes Calculator. Since mine are very small I would assume that I don't use full strength of what their calculator is recommending? Should I start with 1/4 or 1/2 strength? And I assume I just build up to full strength on a weekly basis so I am THERE by Flower Time?

    I am of course Selecting the PH Perfect: Micro, Grow, Bloom (Vegatative Growth) from their calculator, and they are showing to start with a PPM of 1036 for my size res. I am pretty sure this is WAY too much for my little ones.

    I would love to hear everyone's process for starting your clones, and your feeding schedule. :D
  2. you're making a mistake.

    AN growing will only lead to bud causing headaches from toxic levels of metals and PGR's that are uncertified for annual plant's.

    You can start down the path of organics and get better and more consistent results sooner, or you can suffer with AN for a long learning curve and unsatisfactory results.
  3. many of the additives found in AN are synthetically derived compounds that attempt to mimic the naturally occurring ones (found in fermented plant matter). As such they are harmful if not certainly carcinogenic. This is why you might have heard that bio-canna's line is better (though more expensive) than AN. However I recommend ditching the bottle altogether, and especially carcinogenic Advanced Nutrient 'formula'.
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    Just cause its synthetically derived does not mean its bad for you or your plants, and definitely does not mean it causes cancer!

    You should make sure you let people know your stating your opinion not facts.

    I dont trust the AN online calc, I think they need to fix it.

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