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  1. I have 4 WW girls that are grown from seed in soil in 5" pots under 400w lights, no nutes as yet, just Ph adjusted water, intake/outtake and stand alone fans, temp 80-90F, humidity 40% and have no problems except they are taking ages to grow. Picture 1 shows one at 3.5 weeks. As you can see, compared to other grows on this board it is very immature. The stem is slowly toughening up but in terms of height and horizontal growth it looks very similar to 10 days ago.

    I carefully checked the root system and what I saw is in picture 2. Whilst not overly root bound, the roots have reached the bottom of the pot.

    Picture 3 shows my nutes bottle that I bought before the grow. There are no NPK values on the bottle or website at all, just that the Ph is 5.5-6.2 and some blurb which says;

    "Yet another new Ionic product is Ionic for Soil or Coco. Ionic for Soil or Coco is formulated for plants grown in soil, more specifically for soil in containers. It contains soluble mineral salts and crucial organic components including humates and highly active plant acids. This combination of minerals and organic materials follows the pattern of natural systems and will produce strong healthy plants from a biologically active soil matrix. This formulation of Ionic can be used with fertile soil mixes or with artificial soils. It is precisely formulated for the needs of plants in soil with its complex organic plant acids, which will enhance the health of the plant."

    Picture 4 shows a close-up of the top of a plant.

    My questions are as follow, hope you can help....

    - Is it time to repot into a 3 gallon pot using my Biobizz soil?
    - Is it time to start using these nutes, does anyone have experience using them, should I go for another brand?
    - I wanted to try topping the plant, is it time yet?

    I don't have a lot for nearly a month of growth, am I just being too impatient?


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  2. I use the ionic nutes they work great, I do however nute from seed with it so if I were you I would transplant and start nutes good luck!
  3. Also the stem is very thin do you have a fan blowing on it at all?
  4. Thanks for the reply, I do have a fan blowing on them 24 hours a day. They stretched badly in the first week or so, growing on a window sill whilst I built my grow room, hence the long thin stems, but are a lot stronger now.

    I'm glad you think I should re-pot, I've been looking forward to that bit. What concentration of this Ionic stuff do you recommend and how often do you feed? Should I supplement with proper NPK stuff or is it enough on it's own?
  5. It should be fine on its own, on the ionic website they have feeding schedules go by that. Do you have an EC meter?
  6. That's the trouble, I don't even know what one is, how much they cost or what they do!
  7. Thanks for the link.

    Read and understood, just gotta find a cheap one in the UK now.....

    Does anyone have answers to how often I should feed this Ionic stuff to my girls, and also my question about topping?
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    Yeah go to the ionic website, once you have a meter it tells youy the concentrations, and i would wait a week or two before topping. Also ebay is where I get everything get a waterproof one though.
  9. Nice one mels, do you feed every watering?
  10. Sorry if I'm being thick here but can't find info on the link about how often, just;

    Young Plants
    EC: 1.5 mS pH: 5.8–6.2
    Maintain nutrient at around 1.5 mS with pH around 6.

    From what i have read elsewhere would 'every other watering' be enough?
  11. My bad I think every other water should see you through.


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