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Time to Relax!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ax69xs, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I love to smoke at night, like when things start to quite down and you take some nice rips from your bong and think. I got some good local herb......I'm baked :smoke:

    Anyone else smoking at this time?

    Munchies :D

    What do ya'll like to munch on?

  2. what time is it where you're at? 1:00 am here. i dislike smoking by myself this late because the setting isn't the best. i smoked a bowl of incredibly dank bud to myself before around midnight on a sunday school night before superjail came on once. i wanted to get ripped so bad and watch it, but i bugged the fuck out unfortunately, and even after i calmed down, i had restless body spasms for about an hour
  3. Hell yeah man, nothin better to me than stayin up late and goin out on my deck and smoking a fat ass bowl or two. I love being solo stoned at night its so relaxing and i love the feeling of staring at shit in my fridge trying to decide which to eat and i realize ive been standing there for waay longer than i should be lol. I munch on any/everything i find in my kitchen lol.
  4. smoking rite now bruh.

    currently running out tho.

    jack x g13.

  5. well now its 1:30 lol

  6. I totally know how you feel lol

  7. Very Nice

  8. thanks bruh.

    sadly will be on a break soon.

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