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Time to quit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Time to quit the chronic, time to hit the books...
  2. ...or time to change the books you hav to hit to books that are enhanced by da chronic. what i mean is, find something you're really into then follow it, the books you have to read will actually be interesting enough that you can smoke a little ganja to improve the learning experience.
  3. smoking before programming makes programming much easier. I learned from experience.
  4. smoking enhances your activities but don't smoke and try to learn school work, it won't work, just smoke in the evenings after your school work and at weekends.
  5. i like to read while high, i like get into it.. but i dont like read.. if i dont have to...

  6. y u quittin? u studyin in college?
  7. A friend of mine just said the same thing to me that he's got to concentrate on studying so he's going to quit. I was like Bro you just need to get your priorities straight and realize that you've got to get your responsibilities completed for the day before you indulge.
  8. I seriously cant do any studying/homework when I am stoned.. I did a webpage for school and you could tell where my mind drifted off( I think I have ADD when I smoke, haha) I had to do alot of Photoshopping and for some reason all my custom work looked like it was melting.
  9. i can't smoke before studying lol nope, i lose my train of thought.

    i'm cuttin way back on the herb.i've got my surgery comin up next tuesday and i'm afraid i'll be doin the chicken on the operating table lol, plus i think i just need to slow er down for awhile. and go from there. but i'm thinkin i may need some relief of the pain after, and the green sure helps lol we'll see how i feel

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