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  1. Ive given all the money i can to Pauls campaign, ive argued all the points i can, ive done all the door to door that i can without losing my mind. I feel like ive done all i can do, and have reached a point in my research where i believe that with or without Ron Paul this corrupt system is going to fail. It would be much smoother with ron, but would still happen inevitably. Things are going to get worse before they get better, but if you have faith and trust in the path youve been given, or found for yourself, or whatever you want to call it then there is nothing to fear. Ive chosen life over death, love over fear, and just want to help and uplift this world for everyone around me. When i say around me i literally mean PHYSICALLY around me. I feel like its time to break away from the illusions weve created for ourselves. The fake money, the fake online friendships, the fake lifestyle in general. Its just the manifestation of our collective ego, which does serve a purpose, but shouldn't be worshiped like a god.


  2. kk its gonna be a little tougher than that though

    remember they got the money.
  3. All you gotta do is survive the Initial chaos..

    Then you rebuild.
  4. Guns + Food + Water = Win.
  5. pop-psychology.
  6. I just plan on having enough money to flee this shitty country. I like your optimism though.
  7. [quote name='"metalplusweed"']kk its gonna be a little tougher than that though

    remember they got the money.[/quote]

    What's money? Pretend value of worthless paper.

  8. Let me ask a genuine question....

    How would your life change if Ron Paul was president? I'm not asking how would foreign policy change, or how the government would change, but YOUR life specifically... how would it change for the better or worse, if he was elected? What would he do for you that you couldn't do for yourself?
  9. i could finally get erect with my girlfriend if i knew a little troll like entity was POTUS

  10. So your sexual ability depends on who is president? I'm sorry for your girlfriend!

  11. Ending the wars makes a huge difference. I know you don't care about millions of people dying for no reason, but that DOES affect me personally. I grieve for all who die by America's adventurism. My life would be so much better if that would stop.

  12. I think we all grieve for the lives lost in war and want it to stop, but lives will always be lost in war, whether our country is involved or not. Would your grieving stop if the US wasn't a part of it?

  13. It would be lessened greatly, since my tax dollars would no longer be funding it.

  14. So are you really grieving the millions of lives lost, or are you grieving the loss of your money?

  15. Why is it so hard for you to believe that I grieve for them?

    I'll tell you. It's because you don't care. You don't grieve, and so your natural inclination is to think someone who claims to care is lying. It's the same reason that liars naturally are distrustful of others. You are a piece of shit.
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  17. gone likehappy?
  18. Lol he likes the conversation.

    This is why I don't debate about war. I can't do it. I get way too emotional and I just blow up. I can't be calm at all about this subject.

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