Time to Laugh Your Ass Off

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Has me in fucking stitches. Enjoy, blades.
  2. the end was fucking funny when he imitated him hahahaha.
  3. The whole fucking thing is absolutely genious.
  4. I havent even seen the movie and it was funny :laughing:
  5. lol.
    the end was extremely funny.
    and i like how the joker captured the whole mouth licking action.
  6. haaahaahaha aww damn doggy

    why do you wanna kill me?

  7. LMFAO @ the fake ass punch!!
  8. Here is a game I just started because I've watched this thing over thirty times. In one fucking day.

    Everytime batman throws a punch, time it EXACTLY right and YOU throw a punch as he does it.

    Jesus, it's fun as fuck.
  9. Made me lol.
  10. Actually that was pretty good.
  11. i didn't laugh...
  12. lol rararahhhahghghahrah
  13. Totally already posted it in the Death Knight Spoiler thread...

  14. oh damn, i started laughing and ended up coughing my ass off, lol.
  15. I just woke up. And watched it again.

    I'm hopeless.
  16. I've timed the punches PRECISELY.

    Time to go watch WEEDS, bitches!
  17. I don't care what anyone else says, I thought this was hilarious. I hate Bales batman voice, so it was great to see someone spoof it.
  18. me either..maybe it is my shitty mood though
  19. wasnt too funny

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