Time to harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by :::===={XX}, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. sweet my plant is just so beautiful looking. the buds are fattening up and about 20/25% stigmas brown. the growth has stoped i think so I will give it 1 week just to see what happens. I stopped ferts last week and now it is raining so that is just perfect.

    What I think I will have to do is put it in the dark room before I go to work wich is 03:00pm and put it in the sun when I wake up. wich is about 08:00am so it will get light/dark of 7/17 will that hurt my baby or help. it is spring where I live so bad time to bud.

    and for the last day I will leave it in darkness for 24.
    any comments good or bad will help.

    the stigmas or hairs have individual ones turnig brown all over the plant and in the last day most of the tops have browend so what do you think.

    Is It Time To HARVEST:}
  2. Just harvest it, hang it upside down for 5-8 days and clean it up some. Cure for another week or two and smoke your mind silly!

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