Time to harvest? What's your thoughts?

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  1. Ok guys, need some advice. Since we are first time growers, we are not exactly sure what the flowers should look like completely. From research, it's cloudy tricomes with about 10%-20% amber. That seem right? Here are a few pics of our flowers. Today is day 60 of flower exactly. I think they are ready to go into the dark phase for 2 days but wanna get others opinions. Thanks for any help!!!
    Screenshot_20221208_213917_Gallery.jpg 2022_12_08_20_10_50_028.jpg 2022_12_08_20_08_00_630.jpg 2022_12_08_20_01_32_633.jpg 2022_12_08_20_01_16_152.jpg
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  2. I Flower 73 days and the 36 hours of dark is only useful at the flip to flower.
    :) My 2 cents.

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  3. BrassNwood a question been bugging me. So a grower goes 73 days is that going past the amber colors and turning the thc to cbd.
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  4. Bitches looking juicy!
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  5. They look “ ready enough” to me, I’d chop em.
    Dark cycle optional…. Could be bro science ;)
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  6. Oohhhh..! So the dark cycle isn't anything proven, just a sorta something someone said kinda thing?
  7. Welcome to the world of citizen scientists. Bro science is a problem, but sometimes it’s worth looking into to see if there is actually any substance to the claims. Cannabis growers absolutely LOVE to test new theories and have a bit more cash to throw around testing out oddball theories. Sometimes it’s a case of throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks.
    Anyway, I am a believer in the dark cycle. What I know is that cannabis responds to stresses in nature by producing more trichomes and resin to protect itself. And terpenes levels don’t like a ton of heat or overly intense lighting. I actually induce stress at certain times specifically to increase these levels.
    I usually try to drop my temps by 5-10 degrees for the last ten days of flowering. I’ll also go to a 11- 13 light cycle at the same time until harvest.
    I’ll shoot for 36-48 hours of darkness and harvest in the dark.
    Here’s an article that sum it all up pretty well.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Strong lights / Sunlight artificially ripens the Trichomes on the surface of the plant as clearly shown in this picture. The outer surface exposed to the Sun has gone completely amber while the underside is still clear as glass.

    Think in averages over the total surface of the plant and you realize that only about 15% is the outer layer with 85% shielded from the Sun.

    Even at 73-75 days my edibles (Hash Capsules) are speedy enough the wife thinks I'm taking something else to (Wire) me. Damn sure not a case of couch lock.
    YMMV. :)

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  9. A 36 hour dark at the flip to flower does have a valid proven reason as it speeds the jump to flower by giving the plant an extra strong initial boost in the flowering hormone.

    I've not read enough to validate a dark at harvest.
    My 35 cents.

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  10. This is a preference thing, but I tend to look for 15 to 20 percent amber. Judging from the pics, I say go for it.........and I rarely say that LOL. Good luck and happy smoking!
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  11. Those trichs look milky as shit and Those amber ones too 73 days seems perfect tho BNW maybe 69 70 but they are ready if you can't wait

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  12. Edit and those amber ones maybe a lil darker

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  13. Thanks all!!! Seems the perfect time and tricome state is a bit of a hot topic amongst folks. From what I have seen in all my research everyone does things a little bit different and everyone usually gets decent results no matter how they do it. Thanks for everyones help and tips throughout our first grow!!!! We are super excited to try our first batch after some drying and curing. This site is an amazing source of information and we wouldn't of had a successful grow without you all! Thanks again and when it's ready, the first one will be for all of you!
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  14. The drying and curing process is also very challenging, yet rewarding. Good luck and fire away with any questions as you move forward :)
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