Time to harvest, or too late already?

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  1. Hi Folks,
    I am in the Great White North, where it's starting to get cold at night! Here are some pics of my most advanced plant and I'm wondering whether it's time to harvest, or have I waited too long and there is mold?
    Should I bring it in at night and let it have anothe two weeks outside during the day?
    Any and all help appreciated!
    BTW, sorry that the pics aren't sharper. I would have expected my Nikon D3100 to do better!!
    P.S. when I do yank it, is there any advantage to hanging the whole plant in one piece, VS cutting it up and hanging smaller bits?


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  2. Have you already flushed, or at least started to flush?
  3. flush for 5-7 days and chop
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    Forget flushing unless you want to impress a medical clinic or like a few others think it helps the taste. let me re phrase this, don't let flushing stop your chopping.
  5. It is growing in oil. I gather that flushing is just watering the hell out of it. I am starting that now. BTW, the plant is 4 months old!

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