time to harvest now for CURING MY BUDS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DankNess, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. What is up yall? NOt much cracken here just firen up some o dat SKUNK 2.. damn i love that sweet sappy taste!! Any way i got a question about curring my nugz properly.
    1st attempt: feeln especially lazy and kinda really impatient so i popped off a nuglet and just left it on the ground beside my plant in the lighting room... got dry in like 6 hours or so.. and had really no taste.. kinda harsh but still got pretty high
    2nd attempt: well i didnt really like the way that turned out so i plucked another one and hung it in a dark closet... i live in Arizonia so i guess its kinda hot but inside the closet doesnt get over 70'. probably stays around 65 or so.. any way i hung it for a day and a half in a closet and the stem is already about to brake if i bend it.. i figured this is still too fast so i put in a jar and im gonna see if i can slow the process down.. i noticed it lost its smell and now it is faintly comming back.. i think next time im gonna hang em in the garage cuz its a little cooler.. any suggestions? does bud loose potency if cured to fast or just flavor?
  2. Iam in Arizona too:) , you probably dont want to use the jars yet unless there dry branches snap then I believe you can jar'em up, and from what I read you dont want to expose them to much light as this degrades THC. I put them in my closet and have a fan blowing underneath them for some air circulation, PM me DankNess let's chat? oh and congratulations on your upcoming harvest.:hello:

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