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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by syffur, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. I'm new to the site and have a couple of questions.First is it's cold as ssshit out and my grow space is also kinda cold.Has anyone found an ideal minimum temp that I can still grow in and not have any real adverse affects on my plants and can I expect to achieve a decent yield at say below 65 degrees room temp.I have about 130 sq. ft. of space about 7 ft. high and I plan on using floros because the old budget won't allow for better this time around.I have a shit load of grow guides and a library of high times mags at my disposal along with lots of other books and guides on general gardening.My lady and me grow veggies every year so I have the basics down pretty well just need to talk about this shit with fellow grow buddies.Thanks.
  2. hey bro, those temps should work, right now i got about a week or 2 old seedling in about 55 degree temperature and it looks healthy as shit. Go for it, and it should work.
  3. Thanks impakelika.I'm in the US and the strain I'm using isn't tropical so I was hoping this would be ok.As for budding Woody the temps will be considerably better by then and no prob.Thanks again guys.By the way the outside temp here at 3pm today is like 20F or 22F and my space is like 53F without the lights or any heat at all.
  4. yeah, right now i just checked my temp gauge since i made a new veg box, right now the temp is at a rough 63 degrees F. Thats about the temp all the time here in the dungeon, (also my room). But right now i have a space heater near the plants that i keep in my room, hopeing to bring the temps up some.
  5. oh shit, i was just checkin out the babies and i just noticed why the temps in my bucket (soil) arent rasing. Because i have a fuckin cement floor! so yeah.. if you have a cement floor put a book or something under the pot.
  6. problem fucking solved, i just proped my bucket up with a book and its hit 80 fuckin degrees in my box, mission accomplished.

  7. if you want to grow outside, just wait until Wal Mart starts selling lots oftomato plants in the garden department. That is the seasonal indicator when its OK to plant outside.

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