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Time to grow some balls...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Symphony, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I've finally decided that Im gonna smoke in my room tomorrow morning.

    My sis will be asleep, and the rents will be at work, so I should be okay.

    Im gonna be using my bubbler, and a sploof, blowing out the window, whilst I cover the bowl
    to keep the cherry from smelling up the place.

    Afterwards im spraying the febreeze, and letting it air out.
    Hopefully it works, cause If it does, that means I can do late night seshs' in my room!

    wish me luck!
  2. haha ohk i didnt think it was taht big of a deal ive done it heaps of times without being caught o_O

  3. NICE dawg!! That's such a sick plan! Good luck bro!
  4. Yeah, well, I have my "V-card for room smoking" still, so it took alot of planning out haha
  5. lol just wait dude youl be smoking before you go do shit with your parents
  6. No need to explain yourself man. I don't know anyone who wasn't nervous about smoking in their room for their first time and even a few times after that. Once you get the routine down it becomes just that, a routine. Good luck bro!
  7. Whoooohoooo! :)

  8. Yup, I've got a bathroom downstairs and while my dad showers to get ready to go somewhere like out to dinner with the fam, I would just whip out a pipe downstairs and smoke in the room next to the bathroom, never got caught if I used rhoto.

    Jesus I loved the teen years or smoking.
  9. So you just made this thread to assure yourself?
    Just hit tings and relax man
  10. Good luck dude, just don't do the same thing as I did. I started out being as careful as you are now, but before long I had become so comfortable smoking at home that I was smoking in situation where I was bound to get caught eventually (which I did). Just be careful and you'll be fine.
  11. Just so you know, smoking at home requires a lot of trial and error. The best place to do it is in a small bathroom, with a window and a fan. But if you think you can toke in your room w/o anyone noticing then go for it man.
  12. have fun man, and be careful dont EVER get over confident, thats when you will make mistakes or even worse risk getting caught. so remember to play it safe and you will be ok
  13. lol must suck I just blaze in my room and blow it in the air
  14. My advice is pack snaps instead of bowls so there is no cherry:hello:
  15. Lol yeah, it usually gets to that after the paranoia wears off a bit.
    I'll take a couple hits when my mom is cooking dinner and then come downstairs
    and have an epic meal. It's also pretty fun to smoke on a holiday before going
    to my grandma's house.
  16. not really dude, theres a huge difference with your parents at work and at home even if their sleeping

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