Time to go to mexico

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by redz, May 9, 2006.

  1. Sorry to disipoint you but the Presient of Mexico didn't sign it :mad: It was almost legalized.
  2. ^ you should fix your signature within the guidelines of Grasscity. Or the mods are gunna crack your ass down. Just giving you some forewarning.

  3. sorry to call your bullshit but they can still override the veto.
  4. They are over riding his veto as the vote count was high enough already. One thing the US news isn't saying much about is the government will be selling commercial grow permits. A friend of mine lives in Aguascalientes Mexico and was telling the full scope of the law in not fully explained in the US media at all. Permit cost was to be one million pesos or about 90k dollars. Paying this would allow you production on 10 hectors for one 365 day term. See you in Mexico if all goes well on the re-vote in Sept.
  5. I've always planned on moving to mexico someday, sounds like things are getting better. Hopefully more people there start to grow if that passes and the prices might come down in the US.
  6. I heard that Cocain and E is now Legal over there aswell as MJ

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