Time to cut? Need professional advice!

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  1. Been flowering for 8 weeks now. Wanting to chop them really bad but I don't want to jump the gun. I've got a microscope to look at the trichomes and they are about 50/50 milky to clear. Still plenty of fresh lil white hairs though, and that's what's throwing me off. Is 8 weeks to soon? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK I WILL YEILD?

    Middle plant is Liberty Haze
    Left is glueberry OG
    And the right is a chocolope I believe is what it's called

    Any advice is much appreciated!

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  2. I don't know if you didn't post a pic or if my phone is too slow to load it. But I can tell you it's not time yet. Be patient, it will pay off.
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  3. I feel like this one is ready [​IMG]

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  4. Nah sorry I was still taking pics. You're probably right lol. I'm just getting so excited this is my first grow!!

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  5. If you really can't wait you could chop off the cola that looks closest to being ready to harvest and leave the rest of the plant to finish flowering. But keep in mind the last 2 weeks can increase yield up to about 25% and obviously would be more potent than if you harvested now. Up to you :)
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  6. I harvest when the majority of hairs turn orange. This tells you that the calyx's are swollen and the plant isn't gonna do much more. Think of it this way...the more white hairs you see, the less weight you'll get. As the hairs (pistils) ripen and recede, the calxyes swell which is where you get all your weight.
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