Time thread

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. pointless but cracks me up so..

    post the time on your clock!

  2. 4:14....damn....6 minutes off :(
  3. My Clock says 4:40.
  4. 5:00pm on the dot. you all should be stoned.
  5. 10.11 pm(would be stoned if i wasnt dry)
  6. 7:36, would be stoned but.... o wait, i am!

  7. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Thats great
    by the way
    1.40 am
  8. 6:15 am saturday morning..
  9. 91:8 am

    Damn upside down clock!
    It's actually 8:16am
  10. 10:10 am.....

    edit: last post was 3ish last night....
  11. stop whining and get to work
  12. 2:39 or 14:39 in military time or whateva
  13. 1:42 pm, just woke up, what a nice day
  14. 2:41 pm..i guess....ahhh shit, i gotta be at work like a lil over an hour...damnit
  15. 3:37 pm.
  16. 8:19 pm, this thread has a strange lure to it...
  17. Hahahha You get to have sex a day before me!!!! lol

    Do you get your money a day before me as well?
  18. 11:30, idunno, im gunna keep posting to this....yay
  19. this thread is dumb

    it's 9:55 pm



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