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Time span for bacteria growth in fresh clean urine.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by botanist77, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I just got a nice job. On my 1st week , i was working and bam he came out of nowhere to give me a slip to drive to the place to take a drug screen. He also asked me if i had my id, i said yes. But that day i fuckin lost my Id. So i had to race home to look for my id and get my synthetic piss. i went to the place to try to take the test without no Id. They had to call my work place and ask them how i look like so i could take the test.

    Then the guy who works for the drug testing place told me he cant but can on Tuesday because the company hasnt paid their bill yet. I went back to work and told him looking like an idiot.

    I have to take the test on monday. (im hoping its right when i get to work)

    Im going to have my freind piss for me in a quick fix bottle when i leave to work and have a heat pad and tape it to my side of my leg.

    Im also going to carry synthetic quick fix with a heat pad on my other leg.

    Im going to try to get a small Blue ice freezing block to put in my back pocket( Just incase i dont take the drug test intill 5 hours later.) I dont want my fresh piss to have bacteria growing in it so im going to try to keep it as cold as possible with some blue ice that will fit my pocket. (hopefully there is a size that fits my pocket)

    Anyone know when bacteria starts to grow in fresh piss when the temperature im going to be in is around 78-79 degrees inside ?

    That day i was going to take the test, i saw the paper and it said 5 screen panel. (so im thinking its the easiest test to pass and that it doesnt test for bacteria?)

  2. Anyone know when bacteria starts to grow in Fresh piss at room temperature??
    Im thinking 5 hours??
  3. as soon as its pissed out.
  4. sounds like your going to a place that specializes in drug screenings. if thats true, just warning you, you are going to have a hard time pulling anything off unless you have that whizzinator thing or unless you just have clean piss.
  5. damn good luck.....this sounds like some mission impossible shit. hope ur successful
  6. yeah when your dealing with tests like that, its pretty tough to untape a thing of piss and pour it in the cup. my cousins prob officer sent him to a place where the literally watched him piss in the cup. talk about weird.
  7. urine is sterile. as long as the container is sterile too, it will be fine for a day,
  8. put it in the fridge, that should keep it fresh enough until your test
  9. Bacteria starts to grow anywhere between 2-4 hours after the urine leaves the sterile environment inside of your you'd be best to get the piss and take the test as soon as possible.
  10. Make sure you sterilize the container.

    Good luck.
  11. Don't cool it. if it's too cold, theyll know. Good luck, man
  12. tie a shoe-string from around the neck of ur synthetic piss bottle and leave a short length. then tie the other end to the button on the inside of ur jeans and let it hang near ur balls. when the time comes for a supervised piss test, they generally let u turn ur back on the supervisor (unless ur in rehab or some shit). Its really easy to just grab the shoelace through ur zipper, pull the bottle up and make it look real convincing from the back.

    best of luck!
  13. the 1st time for a job(years ago) i taped it to my side of my leg wearing whitey titeys and i hated takeng the tape off.

    the 2nd time i taped it to the side of my leg.

    (the 3rd time, which is about this post i made) now since im experienced i just wore one big ass sock and placed the quickfix bottle with the head pat in there.( but i was using my friends piss)

    when i was in the health clinic for a drug test my heart was beating alot though and i just told my self i got this shit in my head! to try to calm me down.

    i could smell a foul dirty odor sometimes, i dont know if it was my the piss or the persons by me or my shoe.

    oh yeah i had to take the test 3.5 to 4.5 hours later after i came to work, and the piss was sittin in my car with 2 heat pads in the sock in a blanket. ( outside temp was about 84-90. also another guy had to ride with me( i offered to drive because i had to get my piss, he looked like a 40 year old stoner/druggie, so when we got there he got out and i pretended to talk on my phone and then when he left i placed it in my sock.

    they marked the speciman was between 100-90 tempereture and its been 1 day and my place hasnt said nething.

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