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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by 3zEk!3L, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. A while ago I did some thinking on time and space. Time is irrelevant. You got the past, the present and the future. Well... there is no present because as soon as you think it is the present it already is the past. The future on the other hand is just a name for everything that is happening and as soon as the future is the present, it already is the past!...
    well... talking about space, time and space are linked, that's for sure (at least in this dimension :s). If there was no time, there couldn't be any space, right? Cuz space couldn't have formed if there was no time.
    That brings me to the question what is time? Sure we gave the moments that are passing the title 'time', but you can't possibly define time. It's not even formed out of molecules or what so ever. It's almost like fiction, but it's here.
    I don't know where I'm going at haha, but maybe someday I'll figure something out... then I'll tell.

  2. Well...that's just like the rabbit and the üturtle. If you on't know this one, tell me, I'll explain it to you. In math (which you kind'a are using here) there are different ways of solving a problem. You just took the wrong angle.
    Time is the fourth dimention. It's (if you like) placed in a right angle to all the trhree other dimentions (x,y,z) which makes it very hard to understand if you think space. We don't know what the 5. dimention is, but we know it's placed in a right angle to the 4 others. So is the 6., the 7. etc.
    So if time is on a right angle, space has to travel on a straight line through time.
    If you now can mark a certain point of time in the past on this straight line, you will find the corelated space. If this exists and if you can (you can!!!) mark at least three different points of time in the past (piece of cake, just draw a line, put down 1.1.2001, 1.1.2002, 1.1.2003), you will see that time has erxisted. If you now take the magic date of 1.1.2004 and place it on this line, you even have the future. In just over a week we should reach this point of time. If we do as shown on your line, you will definitely know that time exists and have a hell of a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know if you do- I've lost track of time a long time ago

  3. Time is antimatter? What?! haha Maybe...
  4. time is a very fasinating subject! :D
    time....wow...its like the energy that drives all motion/energy/(movement)....througout time...thats gotta be some force to be reckoned with...wow
    oh here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time
  5. Lately I have been trying to understand imaginary time, it is apparently perpendicular to real time! This may take some time to digest. Pun certainly intended!
  6. The way I've understood it is that it's just another dimension, like up/down, right/left, forward/back.

    Saying the present doesn't exist because it's gone instantly is like saying each spatial dimension has no defined values, since space is distorted by things like gravity, and the simple fact that atoms are always moving. Just because an object or place is never takes a break from changing doesn't take away from the fact that the dimension exists, it's just never retained.

    Think about it this way, present is a position. We are vessels changing position. At any given time, we have a specific position. Just because we do not retain that position doesn't mean we were never there. The present happened, so it exists. If there was no present, there would be no places.

    Furthermore, time is distorted just like the other dimensions, meaning it's different depending where you are in the universe, and other factors. Our present at a given point in time exists "forever," but is moving through the universe. So, the present does exist, and it always will, though not to us.

    I just realized I have no clue what I'm talking about


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