Time-Space Continnium.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokinokie, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. It's a good thing we percieve it as constant, eh? But what if we did'nt? What if for some unknown reason there were gaps in our reality. Blank spaces. No time. No being. Nothing. Nada.

    Your driving to the local whatever it is you drive to, the gap appears, suddenly your not anymore. Time-Space and Wal-Mart do not exist. What I need to know is what is going on while your sense of time-space is nonexistent.

    And also, when the gap closes and the constant perception comes back, do you find yourself still driving to Wal-mart? Or do you find yourself suddenly transformed into the tamborine playing chick back up singer in a punk ska band called Yeast Inflection?

    I guess I can explain it better like this.

    *sees, a long time ago I went to live in the big city to seek my fame and fortune. Found neither, but had fun trying. So's I'm the ripe age of 19. Moved in next door to a friends brother, where a seasoned individual of 28 years lived. Had 2 motorcycles in his bedroom. First biker cowboy I'd ever met. Knew lots of one or the other, but not too many of both in one, ya see? 2nd weekend there, Rex, the biker cowboy says "we need to have a house warming party! You invite your friends, I'll invite mine!" So we did. About 20 people showed up. My main Bud brought shrooms, so I indulged. 20 people in a little house can be fun and terrifying on shrooms, 'specially when you only know like 6 of those 20. So's in an effort to escape, me and 2 of my buds went to my room to pass the bong a bit. We'd all shroomed, and were of a ZING POW mentality. So we're kinda talking quiet and hitting the bong, when this dude walks in my room. Had'nt seen him at the party earlier, but 20 peeps coming and going, it would have been easy to miss someone. So's we fall kinda silent as he steps in, and he say's "how's it going" and we says "aight" and he kinda looks like he's waitin to take a hit off my bong. Just standing there. Like's I said, I did'nt know this dude, but I was gonna load him a hit anyway, figgered friend of my roomates, friend of mine. He'd stopped in the middle of the room, maybe four steps from the door, just standing there, and THE FRIGGIN LIGHT SHADE FALLS FROM THE CEILING. Right on his head. Shatters into millions of pieces. Causing an incredible tracer effect. He kinda rubs his head, say "whoa" and turned and left the room. Left us all sitting there thinking, "did that really just happen" followed by 30 minutes of uncontrollable laughter. When I'd composed myself e'nuff to walk again, I went and asked Rex where his friend was that had gotten light headed, so to speak. He had no idea who I was talking about. I described the dude. He said he had'nt seen anybody. But he also was known to dabble into psychopathic lying on the weekends, so ya just can't tell.

    Ya see?
  2. you picking on me again ,lol?????????????:D. fuck ,that didn,t take long ,lol..................joke ,....hey l been in the big smoke with the smart dudes this week end ,lol. ya,all can stick the rat race money shit up ya arse ,it just ain,t worth it ,.just an opinion of coarse.:D.give me the bush ,country,plains, what ever ya call it but l gotta be free.fuck l hate the city.
  3. l love it .stml ...............:D.arh daylight saving .its only 11pm but its really 12pm.Time for bed ,lol.l love my bed .we tried sleeping on a rock last night ,ha ha .then we tried the couch ,l finished up with 1 hours sleep ,we got up at 6.30 but since it was daylight saving it was 5.30,lol.noiw its time for bed ,lol.nigh nigh all.
  4. now pokie, that was deep
    what if...

  5. LOL!!
    I was reading all serious light about time continuems...
    then you go on talknig about someone walking in, a lighjt fallingo n there head, then them leaving!! ROFL
    thats some funny shit!1
    maybe you guys imagined it ;)
  6. i see the point you're making. read hitch hikers guide to the universe. it will explain everything.

    been there myself, i've been sooo stoned that i don't really know whats happening, except it takes a long long time. suddenly something unexpected happens and i end up laughing my ass off and people staring at me :)

    funny tho'
  7. Do you mean................

    "There are those who say that if the universe ended suddenly, it would immediately be replaced by something even more unusual and bizzare.

    Then there are those that say this has already happened."

    Mr Adams, what a smart fellow you were!

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