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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by devilishfatcat, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Ok, so im not an absolute beginner per se but i am still very much a noobie.

    Ive done an outdoor before but never an indoor..

    I have 5 Skunk #1's under a 400Watt HPS..

    All are around 10-15 cm tall atm.

    Now heres my problem. The breeders site says 45-50 days for flowering and i have around 57 days until my dad gets home. that only gives me another 7 days Veg' time.

    Optimistically theyll be 20-25cm by then. assuming they strecth to twice theyre size 40-50 cm is still 5 very small plants.

    My questions are will i be looking at very low yeilds for these plants (under around 20grams each).

    Also do you think i should push for another weeks veg time? also would this extra week make a great deal of difference?

    I could push for another week/week and a half but my dad will be home during that period. He knows ive grown outdoor and just laughed. but i think indoor may be a different matter because its inside and that means more risk to him and the rest of my family.

    He will be on a different time zone though so will be jet lagged and tired so that may keep him out of my grow room for a week however if he goes in there he is likely to notice the growbox. I may be able to persuade him to just let me finish the plants and then stop but this is where my dilemma lies.

    Risk the extra week/couple of weeks and risk loosing all the plants


    put them into flowering as planned and see what happens.

    OH, im hoping for a total yield of 2.5 OZ to cover the costs if the set-up.

    Any help is appreciated. I know this isnt the best set out post but im on my way out, so im in a rush. Sorry.

  2. So you understand that by growing in your father's house you put him at risk. Good, that's true. Which leads to the only legitimate conclusion if you have half a conscience: don't grow in your parents' house. That risk exists whether your father knows about your grow or not. It is not right for you to thrust that risk upon him, it's not your risk to take.

  3. Got that one. Trust me it wasnt just a get up and go type of thing. Literally no-one else but me knows im growing, ive got a carbon filter to deal with the smell and its not visable in any way shape or form.

    Also in England the legal systems a bit different, risk to my dad is minimalistic because its pretty easy to prove he doesnt know about it seens as hes in a different country on the other side of the planet and has been for a month and a half.

    Now we have the legal stuff out of the way, is there any advice/input you have towards my problem?

  4. Seems like a no brainer to me. If there is a risk of nothing vs. a lesser yield take the lesser yield. 45-50 days seems really fast to me but I am a relatively noobie so what do I know.

    I would jam them into flower and go for yield next time around. IMO.
  5. Yes, in the UK the government doesn´t steal your house just because you grow MJ.
  6. id put them to sleep like tomorrow, cause its going to take long to cure also.
  7. Legal is the least of it. This is about respect and trust. If you are living in your father's house then he deserves it.
  8. to actually try and answer your original question, if i were you i'd def. go for a flowering dude fuck it something is better than nothing, yes u will loose yeild of course but its better than no pot for all your work. I agree with the dude who said its gunna take long to cure it, but dude, fuck it throw it in a jar until its dry enough to smoke. It may not be THE way to do it but you also dont have THE way of doing it, your under a time crunch. I say start flowering in a few days
  9. Its great isnt it aha.. Its still bullshit because its illegal but atleast our systems quite a bit fairer than that in the states

    Curing doesnt really matter aslong as he doesnt come home to 6 plants mid way through flowering.

    I got loads of respect for actually pulling it off outdoors last time :rolleyes:.. However i know this isnt the point. Dads house = Dads rules but he does trust that im intelligent enough to pull it off and he knows im not selling the stuff so i dunno. Im going to ask him about it when he gets back anyway just to see where he stands on the whole indoor matter. Im only going to be growing while hes away anyway to take risk from him and make sure its all on my head but we'll see.

    If he says no chances are im going to sell my equipment and just do larger outdoors so itll last me. Its cheaper that way anyways haha


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