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  1. :confused: I am a brand newbie so please bear with me if I sound stupid. I relocated my family under the promise of help from a "friend" in my new venture. Needless to say he has left me flat with no advice. Do I induce flowering on a date/weekly timeline or do the plants need to be a certain height for me to flower? MOST of my plants are 10 -12 inches they were brought in as clones on Aug 27th. I know it's too early to flower now but I like to plan things way in advance to keep my mental stress levels down. I am growing super silver haze and purple kush, under 4- 1000watts hps bulbs. Any veterans have some feedback? Thank you
  2. you can start flowering whenever you want. Its never to early. Just switch to 12/12 and stay that way. Remember they are still going to grow some after you put them in in 12/12 so don't wait too long. post pics
  3. There is no rule, it depends on your situation. If you are in a hurry or have a hard deadline by which you have to have your harvest chopped then go by the calendar. If you have all the time in the world then go by size restrictions (for example don't let it get too big for an indoor grow cab). Try to let it get as big as you can within your constraints, that will bump up your yield.
  4. holy fucking lights!

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