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Would you rather have infinite time or money?

  1. Time

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  1. If you could have an infinite amount of either, what would you take, time or money? Choosing time doesnt mean you cant get money, and vice versa.

    Id go with time. Time is much more valuable than money to me atleast. With enough time, even with no money, you can do anything. But with all the money in the world, if you dont have the time, you arent gonna get a thing.

  2. ya can have all the time in the world my friend ,but with no money ya carn,t do much :D
  3. are you kidding me?

    ...give me the money
  4. I'd have to say time. An infinite opportunity to make your own, and endless allowances to mess up. If you really screw life up, hey, just try again! Money is shortlived, and by choosing that option, so are you.

  5. with all the time in the world, do you realize how much shit you can do to make money? you could fucking rob the biggest bank in the world, and who cares if you get caught, because you could get 300 years in prison and youll still get out to try some new way of making money.

    money doesnt buy happiness, but time heals everything.
  6. definitely time...

    you have forever to do whatever you want, so all the jobs you can think of, meet more ppl than you can imagine, go everywhere, and if you really want get a shitload of money

    hell you cood work at mcdonalds for 6.50$, save up, and with enuff time, get billions:D
  7. I wouldn't want to live forever. And you didn't say how long you can live if you take the money, so I'll assume it's a natural humans life. Give me the money. I'll take this option. :D :smoke:
  8. living forever would suck.
    i'd rather buy a ferari...

  9. LMAO, Why pick time, just to try to make money, when you could just pick money to begin with?

    If I had money, I could do the things I love, and really charish them, because my time is limited. WHo the hell wants to stay on earth for eternity? oh yea... billionares :rolleyes:
  10. Money. Don't want to live forever.
  11. time or money ...with time you could go every place, meet everybody, smoke everything, eat everything, fuck everything ...just anything

    ...with money ..sure you could buy anything.... but as the saying goes... .."you cant take it with you"....

    on 2nd thought fuck that who wants to live forever..... give me the cash money baby... in the long run youd wish youd taken the money over time ....

  12. Who the fuck would want to spend an enternity working at McDonalds? Hoo boy, that's crazy.

    Give me the money, thank you :D
  13. money without a doubt. i dont want to live forever and i could throw out my family a few billion so no one would have to work again
  14. I don't want infinite time. I want life where time isn't an issue. I don't want clocks all over the place. All they do is tell me that I need to be somewhere to make money or that I'm late to being somewhere else or that I only have this much time before I have to be back at that place making more money.

    Calendars just tell me that it's going to be a long 6 months waiting for whatever it is that I'm anticipating. They remind me of everything that I have to do and of all of the time that I've spent doing what I have to do to make the money that is needed to survive.

    Money helps me survive. It gets me the necessities in life and extra things that aren't so necessary. It helps me get to the places that I need to go along with the places that I want to go.

    I really have no answer. My answer conflicts with itself so I pick sour patch gummy bears. That's my answer. :D
  15. I wasnt really thinking of infinite time as living forever. I was thinking more.... you never run out of time. Pretty confusing to think about, but dont think about it as living forever, just you never run out of time.... yeah that doesnt help but some people might get it.

    time is still more important to me than money
  16. wouldn't it suck if you screwed up and got a life sentence though>?

  17. hahaha!!
  18. Ditto...

  19. good question btw..

    I think I would choose money as well..critter has a good point,, as do you teh, but Ill tell you what, Im TIRED of making HALF ASSED money in order to do the things I want to do in life, that cost WAY more than what I would bring in. Im living life TRYing to make enough to do some cool shit during my lifeTIME!!
  20. If you had enough money, you would have more time.. You wouldn't have to work to get money..

    It's sad but money makes the world turn!!

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