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Time management

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chiodos367, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Well, I am a "seasoned" toker.. Ive been smoking for about 7 years, but a 3 year break for millitary.
    Well, I smoke good pot, not middies.  I started college a month ago, and I do not smoke for 2 hours before school, so I can focus. 
    I just started working a new job, and smoke before, and on break (Its a laid back job)
    I can smoke, and work for hours, and not be affected!
    But lately, it seems like its harder for me to focus.. I dont think its soley the ganja, I think its a personal problem with time management.  Ive always had a bad procrastination problem, even before the weed... Hence, I am NOT blaming pot on being lazy. 
    Monday through saturday im either in school or work, from 4p,-2am.
    Plus travel time to and from.  Im just Swamped... Im exhausted.
    I get home, and all I want is a joint. :smoking: 
    I smoke my joint and it relaxes me well.  I can enjoy my time!  :smoke:
    But, I will grab a homework assignment, read 2 paragraphs of the assignemnt, and just get overwhelmed. 
    Not just with school either.
    I need to go cook? Gah..
    I need to do laundry?  Fml.
    (Yard work I enjoy while high, as well as vacuuming lol)
    So, fellow tokers.... Im blazed, and not really sure what my question is. :bongin:
    But, what do you guys do to help be more active whilst stoned.
    Or carry on normal lives while being high.

  2. Try to smoke a sativa dominant strain because for some people indicas make them feel tired/ lazy but one time i watched a movie not sure what it was called and the best quote form the entire movie was "sativas in the morning, indicas at night, and edibles all day." yeah i don't know if that helped but i always love vaccuming and folding laundry when I'm high and watching a movie. 
  3. Well think of it this way, How long does it take you to do those tasks? Laundry takes what 2 minutes to load? Cooking is basically throw it in the oven or pot or w/e thef you're cooking so make that an hour to finish it. Not that much time.
    For me I wont smoke till a few hours before I go to bed. Your unwind relaxation time. Try and stay away from TV. Listen to some tunes and smoke some herb. Couch lock is a bitch when you have things you need to get done. lol Work hard play hard :D Starting off a busy day smoking will only make you not wanna do jack
    Thank you for your service

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