Time machine?

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  1. Ok one thing I dont get with storys about going back in time, T.v, Books, and even fan fic. One thing if you can go back in time dosint that prove that our hystory is written in stone, so if you go back and change somthing...(ok bear with me)Shouldint that have happend any way . So that way if you go back in time you could do anything you whant becuse that would mean it all ready did. Just my opion I cant spell or think worth a damn right now =)
  2. Well that's just one theory, that of determinism.

    Or we have true free will, and any small change in the past could radically alter the future... possibly one that would prevent you from ever creating the time machine and sending you into non-existence.
  3. Don't work too hard trying to wrap your brain around the logic of time travel in stories. It pretty much never has any logical consistency, and is written in as a (fairly lazy) plot device.
  4. fortunately, you cant travel backwards in time. When/if time travel is possible, you will be able to travel forwards, but only backwards to the point in which you had the technology to recieve a time traveler.

    So, if I invent a time machine tomorrow, I can go to the future if I want. And, i can then travel backwards in time, but only as far back as the point in time tomorrow, when I complete the invention.

    using that logic, when my time machine is complete, I immeditely meet myself from the future. I then can go forward in time, learn everything there is to know, and travel back to the present and be the smartest being ever conceived.

    Until the next traveler in time comes back to the present, and we battle it out like the gods v. titans.
  5. another thing--like from Time Machine 3 (i think)--is if we COULD go back in time, and if something we did DID change history, then wouldn't going forward in time and changing something change what we did in the past, therefore changing what happened in our current day? i know this may be hard to follow, im not the best at explaining stuff, but i would make an alternate reality. go onto youtube or something and search for that time machine part where they have gone forward in time and accidentally forgot the Almanac when they went back in time, which made their future enemy rich, which made their current enemy rich, or the other part where they fuck something up in the future, which created an alternate reality.

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