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Discussion in 'General' started by JesusC, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Lets say there is this time machine that can take you anywhere you wanna go. However, the catch is that it can only be used once and can only take you to ONE event in time...whether it be a future or past event.

    If you could only choose one event in time (past or future), what event would you choose to see?

    Hands down, I would choose to visit the event of the Moon Landing. To actually stand there on the moon and watch humans take their very first step onto another body in space would be amazing. Not to mention the priceless view of the earth from the surface of the moon.

    Goddamn those guys were lucky...
  2. Damn.

    Drop me off in Haights-Ashbury ( SP?) During the 70's, on the grateful dead's porch :D
  3. The construction of Stonehenge or the pyramids.
  4. Monterey Pop Fest.
  5. The Haight in 1967
  6. Drop me off where the first human ancestors to craft stone tools are and leave me there.
    I'd have so much to teach them.

    If I wasn't killed outright.
  7. I'd set my time coordinates to the future------------------>[ to the moment we learned that we had nothing to be afraid of after all.]
  8. I would like to see God creating the world.
  9. Haha, nice one.
    I'd like to go to the future on the day that the Earth ends.
  10. I'd go back in time and fight in the Battle of Osia..fighting the Romans...I would slay dozens...drunk in blood
  11. I would go about 400 years into the future. Who knows what the world would be like then, but I might have a better time than I do now. :)
  12. When they opened the pop-tart factory...
    ...that would be great... :D
  13. Woodstock.
  14. I would travel into the future to when we have the technology for teleportation. Or maybe telekenesis. Moving shit with my mind or teleporting food and goods to my house would be choice.
  15. lol you probably wont need a time machine for that...just wait a little.
  16. i would go back a few houndred years and run shit, i think it would be fun..

    it would be grimey but sweet haha
  17. I would go back in time to when the first caveman got high on marijuana, from it burning in a field or smoking it or whatever... Imagine seeing the first human get high haha
  18. we DO have a time machine

    it follows the basic equation

    alot of drugs + the history channel = time machine

    all you need is 3 bong bowls of headys, about 12 hits of good acid, and atleast one good roll of good E...two would work better...HD is a must too, cant see the future/past with it all being in REGULAR definition

    anyway, i would go back to when man evolved from caveman to what we see now. I would spend like 20 years if i had to just watching that...

    also the salem witch trials...

    and maybe the revolutionary war...

    and for the future, id go to watch the united states divide themselves into little countrys...

    shitd be phat
  19. 1400..to kill the crusades, and corrupted church...
  20. id go back in time, and invest very heavily in microsoft, and apple. haha I would be RICH BITCH!

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