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  1. Give me your opinions. On this theory, there will never be a time machine created in the future because if there was, someone would've traveled back and spread the knowledge? Discuss.
  2. Partial time travel was actually already achieved by a Russian astronaut...just so you know haha.
  3. [quote name='"Rollin Cr00k3d"']Partial time travel was actually already achieved by a Russian astronaut...just so you know haha.[/quote]

  4. [quote name='"Rollin Cr00k3d"']Partial time travel was actually already achieved by a Russian astronaut...just so you know haha.[/quote]

    Yeah I'd like to know more too.

    Also you should check out some stuff about John Titor, almost definitely a hoax, but if not ... Well it's already been achieved :) in the future, that is ...
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    From what I remember from science in school, partial time travel was possible. Something along the lines of a person goes in to space, weird shit happens when moving that fast, and they're either slightly older, or younger when they return. Don't quote me on that though :p

    Edit: Ah, here's what I'm talking about:
  6. This is what I'm talkin about, and below is the actual astronaut.
    Sergei Avdeyev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Well I suppose the argument can be made that if we invented time travel in the future, there would be measures in place so that no one in the past found out. Or maybe we can only travel to the future in the future lol. :p

    Then again, even if measures are put in place to make sure people in the past don't find out.. its not like us humans aren't immune to error. I'm sure someone would have messed up, but then you have all the "nutcases" who think they saw someone from the future. So I guess we'll never know unless its invented in our lifetimes.
  8. i think time travel (if ever achieved) will have to be done in space, not on earth
  9. What if the aliens everybody is seeing is really a superior race from earth and they are just visiting the past? Their UFO could be a time machine.

    [quote name='"THCandroid"']i think time travel (if ever achieved) will have to be done in space, not on earth[/quote]

    and we as humans only think they are from another planet because time travel is only possible from space.

    human ignorance :rolleyes:
  10. What if we were never ever visited by ufo, and it was time travelers all the time, so that's the reason why we never saw any of them and hide very well.

    think about it, if you're an alien with massive destruction weapon, what do you have to lost coming to this planet ? they don't have the necessities of hide.

    but if you are a time traveler ... finding them will start a paradox in time, so they have to hide everytime they come to our presente
  11. I met full blown time travel not aging slower
  12. Or what if we invented time travel but we don't use it beacuse it's too dangerous like nukes
  13. Wait a second, what if someone has created a time machine but here's the hitch you can only go forward! Haha that's a thought, maybe that's all that is possible in our physical dimension forward time travel ha. Like Fry from futurama, which make's me think maybe we really have invented it and it's called Cryogenics? We just don't have the medical advancement's yet too revive people who's brains are frozen.... That's kinda time travel?
  14. I think time travel is possible but you can't go backwards, and if you go forwards you are really in a coma the entire time you go forward...
  15. If time travel did exist, we would never know about it, the person or people time traveling would have made everything the way it is now.

  16. WEEeeelll thats a buzzkill.
  17. buzzkill? No. I just thought this through.
  18. But what happened to the original time-line? The one where the time machine was first invented. Does it just disappear? I suppose we can say that it was always like this, and that the past, present and future are all one singularity, created at the beginning of the universe and nothing we do has any effect on anything.
  19. It's impossible to travel back in time, however you can travel to the future but once you so you also travel to another dimension. I don't feel like explaining on my iPod, I'll post here tomorrow my theory with pictures. Everyone loves pictures.
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    Time travel by time machine is IMPOSSIBLE
    In order to "time travel" you have to go the speed of light. And anything with mass can not reach the speed of light Einsteins E=MC^2 proves this.

    But time travel is possible!
    Time goes by SLOWER near LARGE objects. If you were on a flat plain near a very tall building looking out it would appear that things around you are traveling very fast, but if you were far away watching a person walk around the building, they would be moving very slow, why? because time goes by slower near heavy mass objects.

    Now, If somebody went into a space shuttle, and orbited a black hole for 10 earth years and came back to earth, everybody would be aged nearly twice as much as they did before they left.

    This can happen on earth too. Say if somebody built a train that went in one straight line all around earth, after a couple years this train would have accelerated to near speed of light (but has a maximum speed due to its mass). The people on the train would feel nothing and would just live like normal. Now if they stayed on the train for 25 years once it reaches its maximum speed, in reality 50 years would have passed!

    But you can think about this. Think of space and time as a pair of jeans. There are tightly woven strands of thread yes? This is the same exact thing all around us. Wayy smaller than an atom, all around us is the fabric of space time with so many black holes. But these black holes are too little do expand or do anything. I've always thought because of this is the reason smoke disperses in an inclosed area, because the smoke is made up of so so so so so many tiny particles they can over time completely slip through the fabric of space and time and technically travel through these little black holes.

    But there is a theory that every time we make a decision, in an alternate dimension we do the exact opposite. This is basically Parallel Universes and Alternate Dimensions, So if somebody were to travel to the past, they would be in a completely different time. They could have gone to the past, but since their in an alternate dimension the world is completely different, because if you could set a date to go back to, you can not choose which dimension. if they went back to their childhood to where they had a memory of say, somebody asking to be their girlfriend, and they remember saying yes, instead they would see them self saying no, and living a completely different life.

    This is why its possible to go back and kill yourself but still remain alive, if this is true, because you did kill yourself, but theirs an alternate dimension where you did not.

    Because of all the possibilities its just best to not even attempt this. I say that NASA should chuck something into a black hole with a giiiannntttttttttttttttttttt long wire attached to it with a transmitter on the other end to record the data (if any can be recorded) from the machine when it entered the black hole. There would at least be a couple milliseconds, maybe even whole seconds of data being transmitted from the machine inside the black hole till the long wire gets sucked in with it and the transmitter as well. But wouldnt it be amazing if it kept transmitting signals after its completely sucked in?

    What if it got sucked in, was spit out in an alternate dimension at the same location, but the signals still got picked up and it transmitted its location, but when they look in space its not there yet its transmitting? That my friends, would be an amazing mindfuck for all.

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