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Time limit to bring me to court?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 12, 2012.

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  2. What the fuck?

    That is quite a random detail to add in.
  3. There is a statue of limitations but in some places it can be over a year, and the court process can be very lengthy depending on how backed up the courts are in your state.
  4. If they didn't charge you at the station I wouldn't expect anything to happen. Pretty much the exact same thing just happened to my friend and he was required to sign the paperwork stating what he was charged with before he was able to leave the station.

    Even if you do have to go to court its your first offense, you'll probably get a slap on the wrist. Unless you had multiple pounds in your car or something.
  5. we had close to 10g. and im rlly hoping i only get that slap on the wrisst cuz this t break os annoying. :\

    Anyone know anything about the speedy trial thing?
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    Eh? If they didn't fingerprint you or formally arrest you or anything at the time of the alleged crime then you're out of the woods.
  7. All you gotta say is that some black thug ran up to you and handed you this bag telling you to hold on to it if not he'll rape you. Thats how i got off CLEAN
  8. if you don't physically have a ticket you're good, even if you do get one court will be months away
  9. did you try calling and asking the officer that arrested you? I'm sure he would know
  10. Call your districts courthouse, if they don't have the info they will transfer yu to someone that does and you might just get a non traffic citation for it in the mail or summons to appear in court they can take awhile to get and the limit before court can vary immensely depending on where you live.
  11. I live in ohio. I was not finger printed, they did not read me my rights, they said I was arrested but didn't put hand cuffs on me. They asked me random questions like when was my moms birthday (which im suprised i answered correctly with how high i was haha), they confiscated the stuff and was laughing how bad the weed was (he was holding our vape poo for the brownies later that night :'( ), i didn't recieve any physical tickets, my friend doesnt want me to call the court just in case something happened and he doesnt wanna remind them. So basically what im asking after giving that info is, do you think i'll be called in? Should i just continue smoking and then when i find my court date out stop? Do you think they'll even do anything? What would you all do? thanks.
  12. ^ No man, honestly, you're good.
  13. I really hope so. Guess I'm just gonna go back to smoking, its been a 3 week t break.

    Also if in fact I was going to go to court would they drug test me? And lets say I get a letter in the mail saying I have court. How far out do they put your court dates? Like a week, a few, a few months maybe?

  14. hahaha oops i left a question out. I meant to ask after that, if the police cheif was suspended could this mess with my court or whatever.
  15. dude u aint getting shit. the cops fucked around with you and let you go (asking you the random stupid questions like when ur moms birthday was tipped it off.) if you didnt get any citations, and werent booked or arrested, and u went home you're good. the 3 week t break wasnt needed, but on the other hand you will get very high when u smoke lol
  16. sooo youre friends uncle gave him a get out of jail free card? those are expensive
  17. yeah idrk what it actually does. but he did haha. And i really hope im off the hook. i used to smoke 2-4g a sitting and see things , legit hallucinate. Wonder what it'll be like if i smoked 2-4g now.
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    Your wrong, he has a time limit to charge you. Some places have anywhere to a year. I had a gram and a cop charged me a month later with a citation... so yeah he can still charge you, but most of the time isn't the cop is a dick ,and he doesnt hear any other bad news about you, your good.. Just a heads up he can still charge you...
  19. Well still anyone have any idea as to how long of a notice theyll give me when i recieve the letter that i have court?

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