Time is simply the rationalization for the persistance of sensory perception

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  1. and nothing more. "Time" is merely a concept created by humans and does not actually exist in the sense we generally perceive.
  2. Time is the measure of change.
  3. The measure of change in what?

    Nothing changes: only your perceptions do, which brings up another point. Nothing actually exists other than other human souls and God. Everything else that we perceive to exist is simply that: a perception.
  4. So are you saying that my body does not really exist, and that the food I eat is not real, and that the people I love aren't real, and that the water I pour over my head when I take a shower isn't real, and that planet Earth doesn't exist, and that the Milky Way galaxy doesn't exist, and that all matter and anti-matter in the entire Universe doesn't really exist? :eek:
  5. Nothing changes only perceptions do? So my body isnt gonna decay when I die? That decaying isnt change? Even if only your perceptions change that is still change regardless of its place in reality. Consequently that change is measured by time.
  6. You sound like you have it all figured out. Why not enlighten us lowly beings!

    Can you please define God to me? I'm don't what God is, but I know what he isn't. I'd like to see your answer.
  7. Hahahaha this thread went to shit.
  8. When people talk like this, often saying they where enlightened by some psycadellic, it really pisses me off. it's so obviously irational, to anyone who can really think of the level they are pretending to.

    Time certanially does exist in the sense that i've ALWAYS thought of it.

    It's a deminsion, really. think about it. a demension that measures change, as has been said. We certanially do exist, god? wtf? umm no, theres a big void, but no fucking great peeping tom in the sky.... For such a philosopher, you are a little confused about these invisible men....
  9. EP879, I suggest you read this and study up on the mathematical models of space and time.
  10. You people think you can just waltz into a thread like this and steal all my fun?

  11. Haha, hey now Spade, you can't be the only one to have some fun.
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    time is a measure of earthly patterns, such as the sun going up and down, the seasons changing, and the earth revolving around the sun (although we had "years" before this discovery based on the seasons changing in a pattern)

    the sun goes up and down 728 times in a "year", thats a year in "time"

    haha man, this is a perfect case of the dumb stoner having a dumb epiphany that he thinks is brilliant but is really just dead fuckin wrong
  13. Does anybody really know what time it is?
  14. The past can only be remembered or viewed on film or in a picture in the NOW. The future can only be conceived as the future in the NOW.

    All change that occurs occurs in the dimension of space. It is just as feasible and just as unprovable that space is all that exists, and change that occurs in space occurs because of forces in the dimension of space, and that the documentation of these changes is what we call 'time', and might just be our creation.

    It is possible that time exists, but there is just as much evidence to support that it does as it doesn't. Mathematics dealing with time are purely theoretical and have not and can't yet be tested for crossover into apparent reality, and as such might just be baseless theory off a possibly entirely false assumption of time as a dimension.
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    time exists... get over it already

    the simple fact that you cant reverse or fast forward time proves its existence, events happen and they continue to happen, you cant go back and change past events, or change future events

    if time didnt exist we would be frozen, the ability for everything to move and change as it should/can IS time

    you guys are looking at time like your fucking retarded, you agree that changes happen and patterns in the planet occur, well that is fucking time, your thinking of time like a minute is a definite measure of time.. i could make a second last 2 seconds, and then a day would only be 12 hours long, time on that scale is just a human creation sure, but the ever changing environment/planetary movement is what time truly is, not your watch

    your watch is just a measurement that has been adjusted to fit an ongoing pattern, n the ongoing pattern is what time really is, your perception of time can change to slow things down, but that doesnt mean time has actually slowed, and after everything has slowed down, your perception will speed back up real quick to come back to reality so that your perception can get "back on time" to what is happening around you
  16. For the true realist it is inconceivable that time is a relative force; all that can be seen touched and heard is all that there is.

    The realist mentality works, or seems to work, up to a point. That point, of divergence is what is called 'surreal'.

    Surreal in this sense covers matters of the heart, such as love, and those intangible ideas that can only be symbolized in expression, rather than be fully conveyed in the truest sense.
  17. go take 700mg+ of dxm
    ..then try and perceive time..
  18. time is relative
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    Wow, people here sure need to chill out. You guys are some whacked out, stressed stoners. Eh, I have a lot of this written down, but it's on my home computer and I just got this laptop. I'll further explain some things when i can get my stuff transferred to this laptop, but I don't know if you assuming folk will have the tolerance to try to grip what I'm sayin'. It's a bit hard to comprehend and sorta causes your brain to start spiraling out in loops

    But yeah, exactly, if it's something so relative, it's not really quite defined at all. And by saying things don't exist, I mean in that those objects don't have a perspective. The only things that truly "exist" are entities with the ability to perceive. Everything else is a perception by that entity.

    Essentially everyone is just a bundle of thoughts in the form of senses, experiences, and memories. Our very existence is a constant memory b/c there is no such thing as 'present'. That infinitely small instantaneous "moment'' comes and goes without halt. Our very existence is a constant memory. The previous day does exist, the previous minute exists, ect ect, although we don't physically perceive them in the same way we don't physically perceive other peoples' thoughts or God, ect.

    Human souls, God, and memories exist. Everything else, we can perceive, but technically do not exist themselves. They only exist to us because we know of them. Which brings up the point that nothing exists until you become aware of them through previous experience.

    Things like walls exist b/c we have constant confirmation whenever we see it, hear noises bounce off them, ect as well as the confirmation of other human souls. I mean, what are our senses other than random electric impulses going off in our physical brains? Varying wave lengths, vibrating air molecules, random chemical reactions, ect.
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    Haha, you're quite the assuming asshat, aren't ya? Well, I forgive the ignorant. So dun worry, I ain't mad at ya' even though you may be slightly annoyed by your misunderstanding of what I said.

    Did I ever say God exists in the form of some dude lookin' down on us in the sky? Please, stop the hate, and assumptions. People like you may end up destroying the world. (George Bush, politicians, selfish, close-minded people ect)

    God is an inhuman being that can only be explained through inhuman concepts which is why it's a bit hard for me to explain how he exists in something so limiting as words and language. (If you could read my mind, it'd be a lot easier.)

    I believe God and Satan exist in everyone, but people make the decisions to allow which dictate their lives. Everyone essentially knows what is good (to work for the benefit of EVERY single human being aka universal ethics while being grateful for what they have.)

    It's impossible for you guys to understand what I know without having experienced God's guidance in every moment of your being, but I may do my best to convey.

    Hehe, but don't worry, I'm not forcing any of this on ya'll so you don't have to get all pushy, and dictative. I just simply wish to tell what I know, and to tell everyone that they should be the most perfect being that they can be without ever having ill, selfish intentions. It's hard, but not impossible. If one does this, they'll see the 'magic' of god. I guess it's kinda like the concept of 'karma', except it happens to those selfless beings ALL the 'time'. It's quite amazing really.:hello:

    Anyway, don't let this work you up, just toke a joint and enjoy the amazing gift of life. And do your best not to impede on anyone else's gift.

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