Time...Is it really relevant?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by RMJL, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Apparently, to me, it is!!!

    Who keeps messing with the clock??? I have my time set to my time zone and it says it's 6:56 PM when it's really 5:56 PM and we don't spring forward until Sunday...Saturday night...whichever, it's this weekend.

    So...fess up...who keeps messing with the clock????
  2. LOL RMJL...It's been confusing me too...especially since I was logged in when it happened :p
  3. See, 7:04 PM...it's just 6:04 PM!!!
  4. may this be down to the european summertime clock change......on Saturday i had to put my clock forward an hour.......and later in the year it goes back....... that maybe explain the 1 hour diffrence......maybe the computer didn't change it......Peace out................Sid
  5. ps the clock is right it's 12.21 .....Peace out...Sid
  6. LMAO......bugger i missed it by a min....lol.....Peace out.....Sid
  7. Yeah...SJ said that you guys moved your clocks last weekend. We do it this weekend. Don't even get me started on that. Daylight Savings Time and lack thereof makes no sense to me. I don't get why it can't just be the same all the time. Why do things have to be complicated? Yeah, long summer days are cool and all but why does time have to come into play...the days are going to be longer anyway. It's all so weird. It's like the news coming on at 11:00 PM when it should come on at 10:00 PM like it does in the Central time zone. Noooooo, they have to have it come on at 11 around here. Yet, kids still go to school at 8. Kids should go to school at 9 if the news comes on at 11, right? Who do I write to about this??? Eh, it doesn't matter. I could be rebellious and go against it all but I'd miss the friggen news and be late for work (or early....SEE!!!) I'll just conform to this as I always have. UGH!
  8. Well, the time is officially fucked up. It's now 5:28 am and it should be 4:28 am...not here at the City, but here. I mean, damn it...daylight savings time is in effect and I hate it. My whole week is going to be an hour off...well, everytime I think about what time it is. Geez...I'm really messed up and really deprived of sleep. I'm going to quit while I'm already behind.
  9. well it's 10.45 am here and i've had a good night's sleep......sorry to hear your not sleeping right......swallow a vallium, that'll work?.....Peace out.......Sid
  10. I want them to leave the time as it is now that it's changed.. People can and do work when it's a little dark in the morning!!!

    It's hard to loose that hour in the spring!!!!!!
  11. That's what you get, smartass!!! LOL! ;)

    Hey Critter...I get up too early as it is. I decided to blow off work today and still got up too friggen early.

    I'm with Bud Head...let's leave it like this and not change it back when it's time for it to end again.

  12. I think someone needs a nap, a smoke, get laid, or a big bite of chocolate. :p

  13. Cute, Poppa!!!:D Yeah, all 4 of those things could have been my problem, I suppose, but I'm all better now! ;)

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