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Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, May 16, 2003.

  1. I just had a thort- u know in bill and ted's bogus journey when they play the time game? well i figured something out:

    I am going to leave an envelope behind in my will saying:
    "do not open until time travel is invented"

    then when time travel invented:


    Said adress, said time, said person."

    and then tomorrow I get 10kg of the best bud on the planet. Happy Switch... can't wait...
  2. yeah but that was just a movie.
    sorry to spoil it for you but time travel, if it is ever discovered how, will most likely not work like that. chaos theory or quantum mechanics or superstring theory kinda screws it up for you... heck even einstien had ruled out the possability of doing that.

    but now that you mention it....

    maybe i should put a note in an envelope asking for 9 Oz od bubble hash ;)
  3. while it's fun to debate the possibility of time travel (I like arguing for) if time traval will ever be invented we should see some effects now from people traveling back from the future. And I'm not counting alien abduction stories.
  4. yeah I know time travel is probably not possible- but ya never know....
  5. if i thought it really was happening in the future I'd be doing the same thing. Of course you gotta wonder if someone would actually put the effort into sending you back all that money's worth of pot. Someone has to pay for it.

  6. Not necessarily. I too like arguing for time travel but the problem with your argument is that you (like many others) seem to subscribe to what I like to call the H.G. Wells model of time travel. Ever read his book The Time Traveler? It was awesome but thats beside the point.

    In the book the guy could travel backwards and forwards through time at will. Which is an interesting concept but a little unrealistic.

    A theory that I like to use instead as the basis for my argument is based on the fact that time is an ever-increasing quantity. It never decreases and therefore only moves FORWARD. Which would mean that time travel is only possible in the FORWARD direction.

    I think this makes sense because Einstein discovered a long time ago that if you rocket yourself away from the earth fast enough in a big loop at like more than the speed of light your trip (to your perception) may take a year but like 10 years will have passed on Earth. It took a year to do it, (instead of instantly with the push of a button in your H.G. Wells machine) but you certainly would have traveled 10 years into the future.

    Einstein proved that theory with math and stuff. So why isn't time travel a realization? Because we can't build anything that will carry us anywhere near the speed of light. BUT there are gravitational fluctuations in space (black holes, wormholes etc) that MIGHT be able to do it for us. Get close enough to one and theres no telling where it might push or pull you to. ...or at what speed for that matter.

    And this is where things get clouded by science fiction. But I think I'll stop here. heh.. cuz this is about as long-winded as I like to get :)

    My point was only supposed to be that you won't see any effects now from people traveling back from the future cuz they can't.

  7. just a movie!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaarg! not again!
  8. Aight Berzerkas, I can go with that. But it still means that someone can't bring bud back to a position from the future.
  9. I'm really high, and I'm reading all this, and I have no fucking clue what you guys are saying. Its like Chinese to me, and no, im not Chinese. :) WHaT? Bye.~!
  10. Switch wanted to leave a note that someone in the future could find after time travel is invented and bring him back some pot. We were discussing the implausibility of someone bringing anything back for him.
  11. destroy my dreams why doncha...

  12. That takes a really stoned person to think of that.
  13. It wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead and write the note. We don't all know everything so the possibility, no matter how minute, that time travel and the possibility of someone bringing Switchy Boy back some green is there. ( ;) )

    Write the note, Switchy Boy! :)
  14. the thing is though if you dont get the weed tommorow then you didnt write the note or the person you gave it to lost it or the scariest one their is no weed in the future or they dont have those strains any more. there are so many things that could stop you from getting the weed but write the note anyways man
  15. or I forgot the date....

  16. why not?

    shouldnt b so quick to rule it out.

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