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time frame

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jaykush, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. i have some easyryder seed and a pc grow box. i just got the seeds this week, and really want to get growing, but also i found out i will be going to mexico the day after thanksgiving, and for the rest of that week!:hello: the seeds info says it takes about 6 weeks from seed to harvest, and it happens to be 6 weeks until i leave. i was just looking for some ideas of what i should do.
    Do i wait until i get back from the trip? if so do i need to presevre my seeds? if so, how so

    Or should i go for it now..? (keeo in mind i want to harvest at the right time, be able to dry and cure my bud)

    Thanks for any/all tips
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    6 weeks seems way to short. I am not that experienced in growing, i dabbled a little. Is it ur first grow? if so i would def wait.

    My seeds (random seeds from various dank over the years) took 3 days to germ and then a week to sprout. i dont mnow if it will be exactly 6 weeks. I wouldnt go by that but the color of the crystals. Amber is the color u are looking for.

    Also they will store fine. They can be kept for awhile just make sure no water hits them before hand.
  3. Impossible...Gotta wait unfortunately...:eek:
  4. alright, i do gotta wait but hell im going to mexico.

    thanks for the replys

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