time for politics... you tell me

Discussion in 'General' started by skedastik, May 9, 2003.

  1. this is gonna cause even more controversy in the world if Bush n Blair win the Nobel Prize. im sick ov both them fuckas they should recevie The Biggest Bullshitters Award!!!
  2. Bush prolly couldn't spell Nobel Peace Prize.
  3. hello and welcome to fucking bizaro land, we hope you enjoy your stay. fresh grenades can be found under your bed if you feel like competing for a nobel peace prize!

    the thing to look for in this kind of reporting (any reporting really) is the degrees of certainty and subjectiveness.

    note the use of wourds like "could". ahem :mad:

    so, since when was creating rifts and divisions and emphasising differences and starting wars deamed ilegal, a good thing for peace?

    if either these fuckheads get a peace prize i WILL attempt to start a "new world order"!!!!!
  4. If dubya wins this it's time for a revolution, I'm with ya Digit.
  5. How depressing....and I thought things couldn't get anymore ludicrous
  6. damnit, drama drama drama in the government!
  7. I wonder if the familys of all the countless people being found in mass graves and those known to have been slaughtered, raped , tortured, and terrified for the last 35 years, are a little more optimistic about Bush and Blair.

  8. umm ditto that and...

    fucking revolution will be on!

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