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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hoko, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. k well i got a small plant right now that i have in a little shack hut thig in my backyard it sits in the window and is still a seedling i guess it just got up to 4 leaves the real ones not the round things and well the first set of leaves are pretty big like a half dollar diameter in size and the new ones are pretty small question is i want it to get more light then what its gettig and im not going to use floros n e more should i give it a week or so more or could i plant it now there is still a risk of one more frost i believe but it i sucking in the window every day i gotta turn it because it leans facing the window and i think it just got over some kinda stress cause it wasnt growin much and the last 2 days it has really shot up help please
    ps think it is at the stage where it could stand onelast frost its been raining alot so no worrys and it hasnt gotten flooded or anything i gave it a very week i mean barely any miracle grow plant food but think i should leave or put it under full days of sun
  2. but I just had to say I dO this *all* the time, I read the subject of the thread, click, and then look over and notice that its in growing section (yeah I dont hang around here to much) all the meanwhile, thinking of a reply to the thread that I though, in this case, talking about is it time for you to be outside cause its getting nice out, so I was thinking, hell yeah! I only make money when its nice and sunny out! which it soooo was today here!!! I was sooo stoked! but, lol, yeah I really read into that..ok, told you, nothing to do with the thread :)
  3. it won't need any fert till it's approx 20 days old.....i'd wait till it's a big bigger before transplanting outside....also get a fan on it, if the temp is high and it will strengthen the stem for going outside......either that or bend it back and forth to strengthen it......Peace out........Sid

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