Time for me to get some glass

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  1. Hey guys, I have been smoking for a while now (also been stalking forums) and have only purchased a vape + a small metal pipe (piece pipe).

    I am thinking about going out right now and picking up a small glass pipe, however do not want to spend over 20 bucks.

    will I be able to get something for that price range at a head shop? Also, I have not smoked from a glass pipe in over 2 years... (live on campus, is a risk having something like a glass pipe on me)

    Is smoking glass any different then smoking out of any other pipe other then taste wise?

    Is the hit any smoother? I have been taking nonstop homemade gb hits for the past while -_-

  2. $20 is enough to get something really nice from a headshop or online, since your only spending $20 its not going to be anything too special
  3. Glass will taste much better, and hit a bit smoother than a metal pipe. $20 should be plenty for a good starter spoon. Just tell your LHS what you have to spend, and I imagine they will either help you find something in that price, or in close range. (Don't be afraid to try and haggle, this is LHS 101)
  4. Thanks for the reply guys, I guess I will just do that. I really need to buy a bong but the cash :(

    So... I guess I will try to haggle with any price she gives me :)
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    A nice spoon will hold you over for some time. Or you could check out some little bubblers. Maybe add an extra $30 or so and get you a nice bubbler, so you can enjoy the portability and simplicity of a spoon, but the water filtration of a bong. I would think you could find a decent bub for around $50 at tour LHS.

  6. I wish I got a bubbler man, as soon as I got back one of my room mates said that. But I guess its still cool,

    I bought a little glass pipe, it was 30 but I got her to 25. Not terrible I spose,


    I decided to name it Raymond, the name of one of my room mates. (black, lol, no racist)
  7. No problem man, just another idea for the next piece. Looks like a great purchase!

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