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  1. I was just curious if it my plants are to big for the current pots they're in. Tallest ones are about the same height, around 8-10 inches. Smallest is about 6 inches tall. Would there be anyway to check? I really haven't seen any ignificant growth over the last two weeks or so. But another factor to that would be I did top/FIM'd them about a week ago. Anyways, if so what do you guys think I should 'up' my pot size to? I had made a 1x1x1ft box out of wood, I was thinking move one there and then build some more. Yet again putting them ouaide is a possibility, but I have no idea as to how big I should make the hole..

    As a side question, my biggest one had a yellow/dry spot on one bottom leaf, as well as the very bottom leaves all have a yellowish color to them. I'm pretty certain it's nutrient burn, so a couple days ago I took them off it and went back to just plain Ph corrected water.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

    P.s: this has been a windowsill/outdoor grow, I sorrounded the windowsill with tinfoil to refleck light back at them, and recently added lights in the little enclosure. I was thinking his may be another possible factor to the growth? Also the pots themselves are about 6in in height, an 6 in diameter as well.

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  2. You pot doesnt have drainage. Repot it into a pot witb drainage. When you take it out of its current pot check tge bottom for a decent root mass. Double the pot size at least. Tge plant looks a bit neglected so id say to be careful .
  3. If the leaf circumference is bigger than pot it needs repotting. Basically if the leaves are stretching out wider than pot the plant is too big for the pot. Try reporting straight into a massive pot to save reporting again. I have done this plenty of times and saw a big difference in the plants health and how quickly it grew. Also keep an eye on your main stem thickness its looks a little too skinny for a plant that size, if the stem is too thin and the plant is tall its will tip over or snap from its own weight.

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  4. Well the pots they're in (including that makeshift foldger's one) do have decent drainage, put a few extra holes in as well. And yeah I was thinking just switching to the 1x1x1 pot that I made and adding 1/2" drainage holes to it as well. And yeah I'm going to be extremely careful with everything given the nut.burn problem on the one.
  5. Thanks for letting me know about that rule of thumb, the leaves stretching beyond the pot itself. If you think I should just skip the 1 cubic foot one, what size would you say would be good? I was thinking maybe a 5 gal but given their size, I don't want growth to be slowed down by that. And as for the main stem thickness, would there be anyway to help that out a bit? Or would just repotting solve all these issues lol

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