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Time for along over due T-Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thekey2, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. ** I guess skip to the bottom of my post if you want just my question and now story to my life**So i a a friend of mine today told me that he could get me a job at his workplace, making around 10-11$ hour, which sure as hell beats my 7.45 minimum wage! He told me i have to pass a drug test, which is where all the problems come in. I told him i easily could ( kind of lied ) and now am scheduled for a hopeful interview some time tim a week or ten days. Now I'm a a very heavy smoker, but am well happy to know that my body has a super high metabolism to get the out in time, especially with daily workout and plenty of water. This break will also allow me to save a pay check and maybe actually buy a nice bong that i have wanted of a long time :p anyways blades, its gonna be a bit hard for me to do this. Ive done it a few times before, and usually for about a week, but i always seem to never sleep and when i do. I have thee most insane dreams.

    ** Basically I'm wondering if any of you guys got some good techniques to help get your mind of the green all day, aswell as finding a very restful sleep. thanks guys :smoke:

    p.s blazing my last bowl as we speak
  2. Get drunk. That always puts me to sleep and keeps my mind off weed
  3. yup, a couple beers late night after a long days work makes me sleep well.
  4. Workout, run, do something that makes you sweat. It'll tire you out, keep your mind focused on the task at hand and give you a sort of reality check at how bad your lungs are XD believe me, I'm all for weed and smoking it, but we all know that smoking it does a number on your lung capacity.
  5. My best advice, though not always possible, find a t-break buddy. That's what I did, and we just went to movies, parties, gym, video games, etc. But doing it with someone means you have another not high person around which means you won't be triggered to think about the green as much. Or even just hanging out with friends that aren't high at the time works.

    This is the method I have used on 3/5 or 6 t-breaks I've had and it made the last three breaks (a) go by much faster and (b) much easier.
  6. hey man i feel you. i gotta stop smoking for college cause i'm trying to get my memory back. Day 1 today. Its gonna be really boring especially since its summer, but some things are just a lot more important than others.
  7. I'm also tbreaking right now for school to improve my memory. I'm on day 2 now and its pretty easy. Just stay busy and workout to flush the thc metabolites out of your system.

  8. The first 5 hours of the day have been pretty easy. But now that i've done all my normal hobbies (running, reading, meditating, video games) i'm kind of bored. But not fiending at all so that's good
  9. well the t-break never really ended up going so well, already smoked :p more so tho because i can't get the job, until after this semester of school because my hours conflict. So i still got another few months of smoking till break time. thanks tho for all the ideas blades! :smoke:

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