Time for a Discussion: Ecstasy

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  1. Some claim it's harmless.

    Some claim it's beneficial.

    Some claim it's not worth it, with some risks and common adulterants.

    It's time for a discussion, is ecstasy a dangerous drug? How would you feel if your child or future child experimented with it.

  2. I'd tell them what to do if they ever tried it so they wouldn't die. I'd be fine if my kids experimented, because hell, I did too.
  3. done it once in amsterdam, probably one of the best things i did in my life haha, i wanna try it again just wanna make sure its some legit stuff first
  4. stuff puts holes in your brain.

    if your get addicted you will be fucked up
  5. I havnt tried it.. yet. I'd say occasional use (few times a year), would be harmless. And its a myth that it puts holes in your brain.
  6. unless youre testing it you really dont know what youre getting. 9 times out of 10 you might get good shit. the tenth time could be some not so good shit that might put you in the hospital. trust me, i know.
  7. ehhh hand me a cold brew and fat blunt or bong anyday and i couldn't complain id be set. maby if i was at a new years party i might pop one ive done em before but idk nothing seems to be as great as bud n beer to me:p
  8. A friend of mine went on an Ecstacy spree last summer and he got rolls with meth in them, he couldn't sleep for 5 days.

    I don't think its worth it. I don't trust anything that some guy cooks up in his basement.
    I really don't trust chemicals in general though...
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    harmful all the way!

    no one besides the person who pressed the pill knows exactly what is in it.

    this is my made up statistic merely based on my own experiences,
    i would say 90% of the X being taken are meth bombs.
    which is gross :(

    i have known quite a few people around town that were addicted to it
    lost a lot of weight, money, jobs, time and friends
    for me it is something i take VERY occasionally at a show, or a music festival

    its definately not good for you, to answer the question more frankly ;)
    i wouldn't be too mad if my future kids try it,
    they will probably have my experimental spirit in me, so im expecting this kind of thing
    i hope to have a good relationship with the youngins so hopefully they would tell me if they wanted to and we could have a nice long chat about it.

    i would definately tell them the dangers and promise to drug test them if i suspected abuse.
    idk, thats a tough call for someone who doesn't have any yet hah
  10. my friend did x almost every day a while back and i think i remember her saying something about her hair starting to fall out? i'm not sure though?

    if you like doing x you should definately invenst in a test kit so you know what your doing!
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    Pure MDMA is pretty much harmless and very beneficial. If you do it responsibly and know how to monitor yourself on it, then it is no worse on your body than a night at the bar... Abuse of mdma is what leads to damage of your brain receptors and a few other health risks.

    As for street pills being cut with stuff that is bad for you? Sure, I can see that but spending one night on a tiny amount of methamphetamine, amphetamine, ketamine, caffeine, cocaine or whatever else the pills may be cut with is not going to do any damage to your body unless you naturally have a bad reaction to one of these cut chemicals.
  12. I've done X one time during a road trip. I thought it was pretty sweet, but it's definently not something i would do more than a few times a year. like maybe 5 at the most. It wouldn't bother me if i never tried it again. It's amazing but i can do without it.

    As far as future kids though, i wouldn't want them to do it at a real young age. if they came home at age 12 rollin off X i would beat their ass blue. But i mean like if they were around 17-18 i wouldn't mind as much but i would want them to know what they are getting themself in to.
  13. naw dude.

    i have done X a LOT. like, a LOT. im still fine. i baused it a lot, it hasnt really affected me.
  14. 90% is pretty step.
    Definitely not that high in NY atleast.

    Ok please check ur research before u post stupid shit like this this, yes in tests it has been showed to kill seratonin in the hippocampus in rats, but that in no way is putting holes in your brain.
  15. MDMA is fun and all but it changes a lot of people. not that its a bad thing but its something you should know before you do it.
  16. This thread is full of stupidity.

    MDMA is harmless. Cut is not.
  17. Everyone should use good clean MDMA at least once in their life.
  18. I'd like to see your sources to back this wild claim
    Very good call on the testing kit. I plan on getting one b/c me and my boy got fucked over 5 different times on E. But we did get some alleged molly (pure mdma) in the form of a pink star-shaped pill and it was the bomb.

    But do be aware of who you are buying from. I wouldnt recommend getting X from a guy you've just met or you've never bought from. Try to get it through a close friend who's done it before and can vouch for its authenticity.
  19. I buy from a friend who has a testing kit, so he tests them before he sells me them. I be rollin' all the time thanks to close friends.
  20. if its mdma u will have the best time of your life its so good for u:love:, it takes all the bad stuff from your brain i was thinking about suicide and shit before i took it and now im the happiest person on earth :bongin:

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