Time for a change methinks

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Right- henceforth EOME is now SWITCH. The simple reason is that I have decided that Eome is too old a name and I find it tiresome. Plus switch is what they call me in the real world so u might as well call me that too...
  2. Well now, is'nt that a switch?:p
  3. you people simply cannot keep doing this to me.
  4. High Switch!!! Now maybe ya can tell me wtf eome means! lol :D
  5. quite simply sax man... About nine months ago, a friend asked me to write a script for a computer game he was making. He made about half of it and then gave up (shame cos the script was good). The main character, I called Eome. It was said by many of the people i showed the script that eome was a blatant plagerism on tolkien's character of eomer (although i hadn't noticed that and it was NOT plagerism). And there it is...

    Switch is dirrived from a drunken/stoned drivel. I was complaining that i did not have a nickname. So a friend just looked around for the nearest item... A light switch... there we go... switch...
  6. How do I change my status... Cos I don't like junior member as it seems a bit... Junior...
  7. Maybe one of the Mods or SuperJoint can help ya, cause I believe you're considered "junior" until you get so many posts. And unless told to, the system won't recognize all your previoous posts. :smoking:
  8. Yeah, just post like crazy until you're a senior member ;) j/k.
    Welcome back under a new moniker, I always wondered what eome meant so the mystery is revealed~! :) I hopped on quickly and saw a different post of yours (not seeing this) and was wondering "wtf is this switch guy doing with eome's old avatar?" lol!

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