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Time flies...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blacklabel, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. A lot of times, lately... I've noticed how quickly time, as in days and weeks, passes if you smoke weed. When I was a few years younger and didn't smoke I don't really remember how it was but I don't think time flew this quickly. Now as an everyday stoner all I really do is get high or look for ways to... I mean basically it's the same everyday.

    At work I do a lot of stuff regarding orders and paperwork, and since everything is dated, it reinforces the fact when I dig up some old order or whatever and I remember it by what's on it, but when I look at the date it's a two months old when it only seemed like a couple weeks. Kinda sucks sometimes, the way time just goes fast and you keep doing the same thing everyday. :(
  2. second line of sig. ;)

    but also...
    as you get older, every minute you experience is a smaller percentage of time of your entire existance. this explains the change in perception of time as you get older. its why a 2 year old will experience a day as if it s a long time, but a 40 year old, a day slips past so quickly.
  3. Yup.. yup.. the older you get the faster time goes by.
  4. your tellin me... its 5:11 am
  5. when i was a little boy: when's xmas, is it xmas soon...
    nowadays: damn, xmas already. shit.

  6. So true, and I still have many years left for things to keep getting faster. scary.
  7. Time is the fire in which we burn.

    from a perceptual stance, we are all already middle aged.
  8. ya' all know this, but in the great scheme of things, we're all basically fucked. *we* don't matter as individuals, but the motions we may start or be a part of, that will matter. for good or for worse.

    infact, the entire human race survival pretty much depends upon how we and the next 3-4 generations handle our homeplanet. the way things are looking, the future of our grandchildren is not lush.
  9. You'll soon be 90 and looking back on what a life you had and you'll be mad!
  10. After 21 life is to short.
  11. I say we all take down every clock we see everyewhere we go and totally fuck with time. I hate time. It shouldn't be a factor. We shouldn't have to be on schedules. We shouldn't have to wait until a certain time to do something. We shouldn't have to wake up or go to sleep at a certain time. We shouldn't have breakfast time and lunch time and dinner time. We should eat when we fucking want to. We should learn when we fucking want to not when someone else tells us we have to. We should be able to earn our money whenever we fucking want to...I mean, we are doing the work, right? Time sucks.

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