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Time difference between physical plane and spiritual plane

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by oldie69, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. So I reading in the bible, wither you believe in it or not, in the revelations it explains it will happen on either the physical plane or the spiritual plane.

    The physical plane is obviously 24 hours a day.

    The spiritual plane is infinite.

    There is a difference between the two planes in terms of time difference? I guess it's like going beyond time and seeing everything is infinite.


  2. what if the bible was a story that one day describe a day that we would be without consciousness? the devil and sin cause us to do bad, which will result in the end of days, having to go back to our primitive state...a life never knowing god because we will our thought process altered.

  3. Think of Jesus as the Incarnate of God, and the king of the Spiritual Plane, which would be Heaven. Time does not really matter to Him, as a thousand years on earth is a day for Him. But it is rather timing that is important to Him. I remember my experience through a vision given by Gabriel, and it seemed time didn't even exist. It was bliss. Heaven affects earth in some ways, and earth affects Heaven in some ways. The timing in Heaven depends on the time of earth. So i guess time kind of leaks to Heaven because of earth, and no one in Heaven can really tell how much time has passed, unless they were looking at earth in its current state.
  4. I think its like +2 hours and +3 on a leap year in certain time zones.
  5. Time does not exist at all in the akasha/"spirit plane". For one to try to figure it out in terms of "one hour here is 5 minutes in the akasha" would still imply that time exists in a different form.

    The akasha is eternal, and most people think of eternity in a linear fashion that only exists when time does. Eternity is essentially an unending "now". One can project into the mental/spiritual plane and experience it, and also see hours of events pan out in a matter of a few seconds, however those hours of events can also pan out over 15 minutes (as far as how much time has passed on earth). The time spent in the akasha does not correspond to time on earth. If you walk out of your house for 10 minutes without a watch, you can estimate that you were gone 10 minutes. When one comes out of an akashic trance theres no way to estimate how long ones body was in that trance, years of akashic events being viewed can go by in minutes.

    You guys and your questions that can't be answered in intellectual language lol, why do I even try. What I just wrote above seems foolish compared to the reality of akasha, I'll leave it anyhow due to a few facts, though they don't really explain the nature of timelessness. I really have no way to put it into words though.
  6. ^+1. I know exactly what you mean. You kind of just understand it or you don't, its the difference between someone who wants to see and someone who doesn't. Its hard to explain it completely in any more detail than you have.
  7. Time is a human construct. Think about how old the universe is, I mean, it's unfathomably old so we gave it a number designation to somehow try to grasp the idea.

    Thinking on the idea that there is possibly infinite dimensions, and time being the 4th, I image that *if* there is some kind of spiritual plane than the concept of time will be completely irrelevant.
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    Time is an entirely relative mental phenomenon... in short, it doesn't exist in either a physical or spiritual plane.

    Time exists because things appear to move... the only "proof" time exists is hands moving on a clock... that doesn't prove anything. If I just waved my hand, that wouldn't prove time is real.

    If you put a clock in orbit and one on Earth, the one in orbit will be behind the other after some "time has passed." NASA has to re-synchronize their clocks all the time to avoid this problem. True story.
  9. OP, your post doesn't really make much sense to me. You say on the physical plane, that time is 24 hours a day, and the spiritual plane's time is infinite?:confused:

    Our 24 hour cycle is based on the earth's rotation. In reality, time is infinite both in the physical plane and your spiritual one.

    Also, time is relative to how we perceive it. I believe that we can actually control time to a much greater extent than we let ourselves believe.
  10. Time is slowed the slower an object moves. Time exists because if I go from here to there, there was an amount of something in between, whether we wanna call it "time" or not.
  11. space? maybe distance

    But everything is touching?!
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    Time does in fact exist in a way, it is based on cycles, but even if we are oblivious to cycles such as being blind folded with all senses cut off, we can still estimate rather accurately how much time has passed. However when in the spiritual plane, as I said there is absolutely no way to estimate how time has passed as it is an eternal now. A century of events could pass before your eyes in a blink of an eye, or it could be 4 hours. I understand what you guys mean by it's a mental concept, however time is based on cycles, however in eternity there is no cycles, it is an everlasting now.

    edit: time actually is not the 4th dimension, nor is the astral/spiritual plane or whatever you'd like to call it. The 4th dimension is actually vibration in a sense, the state something is in. for example, ice/water/steam are all different variations of the same substance on the 4th dimension.
  13. time is simply objects in motion

    on a spiritual level physical objects do not exists, it transcends this,

  14. but we can not measure that time

    so i guess we will just have to take your guys' word for it
  15. ZOMG Mindfufkcj!!!!
  16. is there anything else you can add to this to support?

    i don't think a human could 'accurately' tell how much time has passed with all their senses cut off.

    without being able to hear, smell, or see anything your brain is just gonna trip out on itself
    i can't remember what philosopher put himself in an oven or enclosed dark space for an extended period of time without being able to hear, smell, or see even touch except the walls around him.

    and Joe Rogen has a pod that cuts all your senses off from the external world and makes the brain trip on itself. except your suspended in a lot of salt and water but that's supposed to soothe and relax the body, making it feel like your floating
  17. Hi just discovered this site a couple of weeks ago but I've been toking for years.
    I tend to get very philosophical when I smoke (especially when alone.) I'd probably consider myself kind of agnostic but probably lean more towards a
    belief in higher power. Anyways I was really blazed after some jack herer the other day and was reading this thread and started contemplating time and existence. I started thinking about how atheists obviously don't believe in an afterlife and that at the time of death your consciousness is extinguished and you cease to exist. I started thinking that maybe that "oblivion" that you enter could be the same "oblivion" that we were supposed to have evolved from. Therefore there could be a possibility that we could evolve another consciousness just like the one we have now. So maybe there the could the possibility of another life without the need for "God". Just a thought:smoke:
  18. Time does exists. Even if there were no humans, it exists. Because it existed to Yahweh before humans existed. I think its something that has to be there, with or without Gods consent, its just one of the ultimate rules of existence in general, and God just happens to understand it alot better than any human ever could.. I just cant imagine cycles or ages, without time..
  19. Dudely, your thinking of God as if he is some man in the sky, which is the unfortunate belief of many which leads to atheism, because it is just, well, preposterous. There are various "gods" who exist in a way like that, but they are not gods in the sense of the way a God is looked at. The egyptian Gods Isis, Ra, Thoth, Osiris, were not Gods in themselves, they were attributes of the Almighty. The Almighty is both masculine and feminine in It's existence, and Isis is the "virgin" in which all of existence was birthed from, though she needed her husband Osiris as well to will into existence the Universe. Thoth is the aspect of omniscience in the Almighty.

    As far as completely cutting off all senses for an extended period, you are correct in that you could not guess it all that accurately, however nobody would be so lost as to guess that a month had gone by in 5 days. They would likely assume that perhaps 6-8 days had passed in a 5 day period. However in the Akasha, YEARS can unfold before you in the matter of seconds, but a week could also unfold in an hour. This is what I mean by "accurately guessing" time in the material plane. You will not assume extended periods of time have gone by if your senses are cut off. The average projection into the Akasha lasts between a few minutes and a few hours. If you cut off all senses for a few hours, you will still estimate it accurately give or take 1-3 hours, but it will not appear that years have gone by in a few hours the way it can in the Akashic Record when it is viewed.

  20. Its not the "guy in the sky" that draws some towards atheism, its people (like you) that assume they have all of the answers to this life, which you do not. Not trying to flame, just simply saying.

    Once again, any studies that would even support this? If we have no senses, we have no feeling of time. You can't say they would "likely" assume, because you are probably basing that off of personal experiences. So once again, we will just have to take your word for it.

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