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Time Capsule Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JeraldoRonaldo, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I dont have a camera so this thread will be lacking, but I found a time capsule at one of my parents house (not really a time capsule, its purpose was not to preserve something for a future generation.... or was it?) But anyway I found this tin right, and I found in it..... 4 bags of marijuana, the largest being over a half ounce of this deep red shit, four wood pieces, some hash, a few roaches, a roach clip, and some other shit. I also found another tin with MAD packs of papers in it that are so old. The estimated age of this shit is two decades PLUS. This shit is so weak, I smoked five bong bowls to my self and I was high for like twenty minutes lol BUT the point being i found a mad stash from the 70's at my house LOL cheers.
  2. hah how long have your parents lived in that house?
  3. oh, I know its theirs if thats what you're getting at. Since I was three months old I lived in that house, and I'm 19 and ... a half. I smoked all my kif from it though, I ground up almost all the nuggest and processed all the crystals through a screen. I had like a bowl pack and I smoked it just now and am almost high. But the tree itself is worthless, I can't get high from it. I saved some nuggets in their original condition for historical value lol
  4. probably was not air tight and a lot of the thc degraded.

    hey hows the hash?
  5. Damn that's awesome.. even if the weed doesn't get you high, it's still cool for historical value like you said haha. What does the weed look like, similar to weed now? Can you see the crystals and shit? Does it have seeds or is it some dank nugget? How about the smell? Haha I have so many questions. That's a pretty lucky find... people always debate on whether or not weed has changed or gotten stronger over the years. I'd be interested to see just how different it was.
  6. it has some really little seeds in it. They look dark and mature in shape, but they're phsyically smaller. i also notice less mature seeds, which are also smaller. it's like red, my friend. I can't describe it, I need to get pictures. Even the kif it gives off is like, Dusty Desert Australian Red. Not blonde or kinda green ish, distinctly red. It's crazy. It smells old and wooden like everything in the tin :( It has almost no flavor though, and it's COMPLETELY cured. No joke lol.

    It has almost no flavor though, I mean to say that when I smoke it, even in a joint, it doesnt taste like anything and the hits are so goddamn smooth. I can hardly feel it.
  7. I would put those seeds up on seedbay.
  8. I'd be trying to grow the seeds.. For all you know it could be a strain that no longer exists.. Could even be something good. If you're not equipped/prepared to, I'd make sure they got into the hands of a reputable grower, just in case anything good comes from them.
  9. yeah, save those seeds!
  10. Weed that old has lost almost all of it's potency.
    I read somewhere that in the first year, it looses half.
    Not sure how true that is, but after all that time,
    I'm surprised it got you high at all.

    There used to be a strain called Panama Red.

    From Wikipedia

    Panama Red is a legendary cannabis sativa cultivar of the 1960s and 1970s, popular amongst cannabis afficiandos. Panama Red is genetically related to Columbian Red.Its name comes from the fact that it originated in the country of Panama, with much of it being produced in the Pearl Islands. [citation needed] It is known for causing a racy, paranoia-inducing, psychedelic high. Cannabis culture died off in Panama with the rise of cocaine trafficking. Today, there are still Panama Red seeds available from collectors, but this strain is very rare.

    I would definitely follow the above posters that said to save/grow the seeds.
  11. Thats awesome, how would you accidentally find this? More importantly, why would your parents hide this for so long? Did you ask them about it?
  12. LOL good questions. I hear that seeds if not waterd, can go dormant, and you can grow them.
  13. I really want to see pics!:D
  14. dude if you found some panama red, that is the coolest shit i've ever heard. grow those seeds get some zep and some bellbottoms and take mad photos
  15. pictures are a must, i have to see the said ancient weed. thats a really cool story. i would have smoked all that hash as soon asi found it. i bet that shit it good!
  16. Yeah, I want to know how the hash is.
  17. common you gota update us with some pics and some words.
  18. sell all the worthless shit to someone you dont like and dont know well. haha
  19. Give the seeds to one of the good growers here. It would be awesome to see panama red make a comeback
  20. Try growing it and call it North American Red.

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