time capsule experiment?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hoboleader, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. so ya i was thinking about doing a time capsule for fun.

    I have a spare USB drive. I was thinking about loading it up with shit, pictures, songs, text, memes, and other shit from the ghost of internets past and saving it for 15 years or so before plugging it in and checking out what was on it.

    has anyone else ever done this? what type of shit should i put on there?
    and any messages you want to give me in the 2028? ill paste them in a text file.
  2. lots of anal porn and a screeshot of the wiki page for Barack Obama
  3. Leave yourself a note explaining that if time travel is possible, to send yourself a sign, on whatever date you bury it. Maybe you'll get lucky and future you will get it, while the present you only feels like a minute has passed by. Unless of course it's not possible/invented yet or you die or some shit.
  4. Don't load it up with stupid memes. Put on something meaningful that will actually be cool to look back on. Here's what I would put on:

    1) Your "Most Played" playlist from your phone/ipod/computer

    2) Pictures of you and friends

    3) List of Friends, favorite movies, tv shows; anything contemporary that you may not remember. Cool way to look back and see how you've grown.

    4) Hopes, dreams, goals. Where you would like to be in life when you watch it, and beyond.

    5) A video recorded message to yourself, maybe yourself with someone who might not be around then (grandparents, parents)
  5. You better hope that in 15 years we still use the same type of USB

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