time-bomb anyone?

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    !!!!look down!!!!!
  2. during a long sesh the other night my friend asks if i've ever done a time-bomb, he explains, its when you smoke a roach surrounded by fresh bud in a pipe, and the bomb goes off when the roach reaches the fresh bud and you get a monster rip.

    here's the grape white owl

    here's the time-bomb we smoked with that roach, loaded with fresh bud and keif

    the tube is a FEUER 3-tree perc w/ diffused downstem; it's extremely thick and well made, a little drag but i like the way it smokes

    anyone ever heard of this? are there other names for it? its a great idea and kept me soaring

    happy toking!
  3. Haha actually that sounds pretty sick
    I wanna try it
  4. the tube, fresh bud and keif really help mask the resinous taste of the roach, the bomb went off on the third pass, my friend got a monster hit and she was soaring after that
  5. that is just BANANAS!
  6. I'm gonna try that sometime, you silly goose!
  7. Thats simply Brilliant sir:smoke:
  8. We call that the ring of fire in Cali. Good shit nonetheless
  9. I love doing these!
  10. That's a hilarious idea.
  11. Never done that but I like to end blunts in a bong. Just put it in the bowl when it's like an inch left and rip that shit....gets you ripped like no other.
  12. ahahaha fuck im so high right now im like do you roll the roach in a ball then stick it in and torch it but never mind...:smoke::smoke:i should try it one time.

  13. ahh i like that name, sometimes ill finish the roach in a pipe or with a nice clip, but i usually save them up
  14. bump!

    anyone else ever try this before?

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