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Time Between Hits

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by getfried, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. If you are cheifin' down to yourself with a bowl/bong/bubbler how long do you wait in between hits? Which gets you higher,back-to-back or spaced out?
  2. Mostly exacly 148.348745 seconds.

    Ummm well mostly when I smoke out of bong then we are in flat, so we smoke whenever we want, you know what I mean, right?
  3. I take hits back to back. Until I space out in which my hits also do
  4. Man I take a couple of lung busters from a bong and I'm good for 2 hours. A spoon? Every hour or so.
  5. i go as long as it takes t oget the job done

  6. OH I see what you did.. you took Lavions joke and made iit your own :hello:

  7. FA SHO man i kno what ya mean., whatever gets the job done ya dig?

  8. Damn I wish I had your tolerance man

  9. On the DOT.
  10. Are you kidding? I have been smoking non stop for 25 years. I just don't need a couchlock, just maintenance dosing.
  11. not very long
  12. If I take a lung buster I wait at least a minute before the next hit, my lungs are pussies!

  13. just means you got some good weed lol
  14. I find if I am smoking a joint I don't get as high if I smoke it without much time in between hits
  15. I seem to smoke a lot when alone but I've had times where I get occupied two hits into a bowl, then I go to pack another five minutes later and its still full!
  16. If I smoke a fat bowl to the dome without a little time in between rips, I find that I get a headache. It's even worse with a joint/blunt, but I only smoke those if I'm with friends, in which case I'm passing it around and spacing hits
  17. I notice that I get higher when I space out my hits every 5 minutes or more rather than smoking hit after hit.
  18. Depends on what you're smoking out of. Joint/blunt, take hits in very quick succession, pipe, slightly slower.
  19. as little as possible

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