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Time apparently has some new running shoes.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. Hey Blades! How's everyone? Survive your weekend?

    Mine consisted of a weekend of driving to far away places to see one of my boys get married. He's actually my nephew, but he and his brother are like the son's I never had. I reckon the wifey's X chromo was stronger than my Y chromo 'cause we got 2 girls and the factory is closed. Not that I'm complaining, they are the light of my life!

    Did I get that X and Y chromo thing right?

    It feels like only a few ticks of the clock ago and he was my little sidekick. Full of questions and energy. And of course lil' brother tagging along, we made quite the posse. They were the one's who showed me how to beat Super Mario Bros. I'm slow, but very consistent .

    A few clicks later and I'm sitting in a 150 yr. old Catholic church (awesome structure) watching him marry the girl of his dreams! A head taller than I am, college grad, making his own way in the world. Standing next to him was "little" brother, fresh in college on a full ride baseball scholarship.(yeah, I taught him everything he knows!;) )

    Later, at the reception, (yeh, catholics throw a MEAN party! Goooooood wine!) I was watching my babies, 11+9 yrs. old, shakin it out on the dance floor. They sure got their daddy's sense of rhythm! They both danced with everyone from the groom to the bride's great grandfather,(a joyous fellow!) They had a few young lads' heads turning, so they won't be seen in public again until after they're 30 cause I'm locking them up tight! I got 2 shotguns and a mean dawg (when he's awake,) so don't come sniffin' 'round!:)

    It did'nt really hit me until we got in late last night that the time has gotten away from me! I woke up this morning strung out from driving 850 miles in two days with a touching ceremony, and a pigout, and a major throw down of wine, and a lot of dancing, thrown in. Called work and told them they was gonna have to live with out me today.

    Proceeded to head down to the pasture with a fat one and remember the past. Does'nt seem to be time to do that much anymore. Not really regrets, just remembering a time when the kids were babies, ma and pa could get around better, the grandfolks were still here, and the world did'nt seem to be as careworn.

    Soooo, feelin a little blue about things gettin away from me. Or, maybe it's the fact that my daughters are looking at me like they're gonna expect a major shin-dig like that when they get married. Daddy gonna have to get a second job, maybe a third.

    There's a Counting Crows song, I forget the title, but it contains the line......

    "Tell myself to hang on to these moments as they pass..."

    Very sage advice.

    Thanx for lettin me ramble.
  2. Actually, Smokinokie, I kinda fancy the idea that time has some new "Jesus cruisers." :) I totally understand what you mean ... I've been pretty contemplative myself, of late. Not necessarily all good stuff, but going over what I've done, where I've been, etc. Finding my wings, again, really. I find, though, that there are plenty of moments I look back on with a sense of longing ... not regret, just a feeling about times that were good, and it would be cool if you could relive it.

    Congratulations to your nephew. I wish him and his bride all the happiness possible in their marriage. :)

    Feel free to ramble anytime, Smokinokie.

  3. You got the X and Y chromo half right. Your X's were stronger than your Y's so that is why you got the girls. Remeber the male/female test from a few months ago. You scored more on the women side if I remember right so know we have scientific proof that you are more femine than you seem.

    Also, I am glad to see that you can play ball with a kid in the yard and not knock their teeth out with a fast pitch. I hope your daughter still doesn't have nightmares about having to play ball with Dad anymore.

  4. somebody's keepin awfully good notes...:)
    ive been reflecting lately too....must be the season...or we really are getting old. :(
  5. Yep, gonna have to quit sharing things with that Poppa dude. He never forgets! Not unlike the elephant. Make your own comparisons! :)
  6. I changed my avatar to reflect your opinion of me.

    howya like it?

  7. looks a little like vince gills stepbrother ;)
  8. You got me all excited, Critter. :(
  9. you just broke my heart mate :(

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