Time and the Mysteries that follow it

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    Acid make me think about this so I had to write. Here you go.

    There's an endless amount of days, minutes, seconds that tick by. Time just goes on and on, in an endless stream of different dimensions. To realize that time and reality is nothing to mess with. It's a natural cause to our certain flow in this reality that keeps us balanced. To come to the realization that life is a one time deal, and to alter it dramatically, could alter you in the biggest ways. Realize that nothing can harm you in this reality, because we are nothing. Just human bodies put on this earth to deal with the challenges they give us. Thats what this life is.

    Should I go on this journey? Of self discovery. To find out who I really am and to face the challenges that come my way. To express my true feelings and dig deep into myself and find out what makes me hour glass pass. To trip out, is that what my life has become...? To lose myself in this world of drugs and hallucinations. Can I handle it? Or will it kill me in the end? To be sober, to figure things out without the help of the acid. Without the help of the life destroying drug. The drug know an acid.

    To change the mind and how it works. To change the way you see things through the window to/of the soul. The trip to change you has come. It has come to me and it will guide me to what must be done. What I must do with myself and my existence. To choose which path you must take will be a difficult decision, but only the strong will prevail. The weak will break down and follow the wrong path to life. Hopefully I don't make the same mistake. Through this journey, I promise to find myself, through this mess that is called my life.
  2. That made a ton of sense to me. When I tripped...Jesus Christ. Should I take this route? I love being lost in the world of dreams and hallucinations, to have my filter on the universe removed.
  3. If you are content with life being a one time deal then I think you should try to make the most of the limited time you have and spend it happily. But sometimes your duties to others will cause you sacrifice your own needs. (Work, family, friends etc.) But if these duties are the things that make you happy, then you have nothing to sacrifice and can lead a fulfilling life.
  4. I agree. After all, life is just a belief. I believe this life I live now will lead into a new massive shift in consciousness of me being reborn into a better self, unknown to this life (which would become a past one)

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