Time and Energy

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    My current understanding of string theory includes the idea that empty space (the 3rd dimension) is made of energy strings, just like matter. Not sure whether or not this is correct, however. Does it follow, then, that time (the 4th dimension) would be composed of energy?

    It makes sense to me that it would. Just curious to hear others' oppinions.

    EDIT: sorry for double post. I'm currently on an iPhone so the Internet is janky. Use other post please.
  2. good question man. i think that it would 4th dimension would be composed of energy as well. im no expert on the string theory, but from what i can remember from "the elegant universe", there are strings that float through 3 dimensional space and repair any rips or damages in space time. i would think that for these strings to repair the universe they would have to be using energy themselves, right? but i may be completely wrong idk.

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