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Timdog's Guide to Toking for the Newbie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Timdog, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. So, I've been smoking heavily for a few months now and have learned a lot in this short time. I've noticed that many people have similar basic questions and the same thread gets posted over and over. I think one reason is there is no nice and simple guide that people can point a newb towards that will answer pretty much all of their basic questions.

    I thought I would start writing up a guide to help with all of these basic questions.

    It will be divided into several parts with my first part being one of the simplest ones: HOW TO SMOKE WEED

    One thing I will say before getting into the guide is that learning on the internet is great but having an experienced smoker to help guide you through your first few months is great, so try to find one if you can. My roommate has been my mentor and I avoided a lot of newb mistakes because of him.

    This section will cover the very basics of actually smoking weed.

    How to smoke a basic pipe:

    There are many ways to smoke, but the most common I've found is smoking from a basic pipe, usually a spoon (straight piece). So let's say you've got a piece and you've got some weed. Let's first go over the parts of the pipe. There should be a bowl shaped portion with a hole at the bottom. This is appropriately called the bowl. You pack the weed into this portion and the smoke goes out the hole at the bottom. There should be one end of the pipe that has a hole on it, this is the mouthpiece where you put your mouth to pull in your hit. Finally, there is the carborateur or carb for short. This should be a little hole on the side of the bowl. This is very important so make sure you know where it is and hold the piece so that your thumb can cover the carb.

    Now it's time to pack your first bowl. Take out your weed and look at it. The bigger pieces of weed are called nugs. These will vary in size. Take one of these nugs out and start to break it apart with your hands. Try to do this over a flat surface that you can easily see. I like to do it over some printer paper. You don't need to break it up into very small pieces, but try to do a decent job of it. If you have any stems or seeds, toss these for now (they can be used later, but that's too advanced for a basic guide). Once you've broken up this nug, put the pieces into your bowl. See how much is in there and proceed to break apart more nugs if needed. I like to pack my bowls very big but others like to pack them smaller. Don't let the bowl overfill is a good rule to follow. Once you are done with that, take something and pack the weed down a bit. I usually just use the bottom of a lighter. If you find you have more room and want a bigger bowl, pack some more.

    Ok, now on to the fun part. :smoking:

    Hold the piece up to your mouth and make sure your thumb is covering the carb (INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT)! Start to lightly suck in air through the mouthpiece (don't suck too hard yet). Spark your lighter and hold it to the weed (we'll cover cornering later ;)). You should see some of the weed turn red which means it's burning. Start sucking harder! You should feel the smoke entering your mouth. If this is your first hit ever, do not suck for too long! You're going to cough no matter how big the hit is, but don't suck for more than a second or two. Once you've pulled for long enough, uncover the carb and suck in again to clear the pipe of smoke. Make sure you inhale deeply so that the smoke gets into your lungs and doesn't just sit in your mouth. After a few seconds (or only one or two if this is your first hit), exhale the smoke.

    Congratulations, you've just taken your first hit!:hello:

    Now just repeat the process until you feel high enough or your weed turns to ash (when someone says the bowl is cashed, that's what they mean). I wouldn't smoke more than a bowl your first time. You will get very high off of one bowl your first time. However, you might also not get high your first time (happened to me). I know why I didn't get high though, I didn't get any smoke at all. Hopefully, with this guide you will be able to get some smoke into your lungs so you can realize why so many people smoke weed. :smoking:

    More Advanced Preparation of Weed

    The above guide covered the most basic way to smoke weed out of a pipe or any other glass piece and this section will cover a more advanced method for packing a bowl. First you will need to purchase a grinder. Your local headshop should have a good selection. There are many types of grinders with the most common being metal although I have seen plastic and wooden grinders as well. The metal ones come in many sizes and two different configurations. One type just has two pieces while the other has four pieces to it including a kief screen. Prices also vary wildly. There are some very expensive ones out there like SharpStone and Space Case. I have a small 4 piece one I got for $25 from my local headshop. I personally love it because it is VERY portable and seems to do just as good a job as my friends $80 Space Case.

    So you've got a grinder now and have your piece and weed. First, take a few smaller nugs or break apart a larger nug into the grinding chamber of your grinder. Grind it up then grab a piece of paper (favorite I've seen is a 3x5 card) and fold it so that it will look like this : \/

    Tap your grinder on top of this piece of paper and all the weed will fall to the bottom of the V shape. Once you've emptied your grinder, use the paper to pack your bowl. This makes packing very easy and makes sure you don't waste any weed by dropping it. So far, this is the best way I've seen to pack a bowl.

    That's all for now, I'll return with more to the guide later, probably covering the basics of weed quality/quantity and the basics of pieces.
  2. Pics and it'd be epic
  3. breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

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