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  1. So I live in Colorado, as I am sure many of you do... and I have to outright say it, Tim Tebow pisses me off. Sure I like to see the broncos win, but sadly I prefer to see the MVP defense player on the opposing team to knock Tebow out when he starts running up the center instead of throwing the ball.

    I mostly cannot stand him because he is so outright about his faith in Jesus. This should not be confused with persecution... because I would be okay if he was just a Christian and everyone knew it, but instead he throws it in everyones face and claims that Jesus is the reason he is so good at football. I think tebow needs to realize how much work he did, whether Jesus is in his heart or not. And people linking Tebows stats with John 3:16 is more ridiculous then the entire plot of the number 23
  2. Freedom of speech, right to believe. It does get old fast, but it really bothers people so much? Ha ha ha Let that man live
  3. I agree that he doesn't give himself as much credit towards himself and his teammates, but it's no different from when Aaron Rodgers, or Carson Palmer point to the sky after they make a good play.
  4. LOL. Haters gonna hate.. it's just funny you'd let his beliefs piss you off so much. Chill bro. I'm sure he's well aware of the hard work hes done.
  5. It's sad:

    God's not helping Tebow to win. Tim Tebow is winning by himself. Tebow should start giving himSELF credit.

    Just my 2 pennies...
  6. Maybe his team deserves a little credit... Just a little, ya know... a little bit.
  7. Hes over rated thats what i think.
  8. If his faith helps him better himself, he deserves to be able to acknowledge his faith.

    Tell that to the steelers ha ha
  9. He already said that god doesnt influence sports....

    I like him as a player because of his work ethic and leadership. But I am damn tired of people talking about him so much. Like damn the throw he made last night was one that any nfl qb should beable to make, it was the wide reciever who turned it into a touchdown.
  10. Yes Jesus wants him to be good at football so he helps the guy win games but screw the starving and sick in the rest of the world?

    That is why I can't stand him, because people believe that shit.

    Lol lets see if Jesus is watching them play the Patriots. I wish the whole defense of New England would put upside down crosses and pentagrams on they're foreheads to see what the holy rollers say.
  11. God was created in man's image... Why wouldn't he have fucked up priorities.
  12. I'll never understand why someone would be so indolent towards another person because they have a good work ethic. Fans (from Denver) deserve to build the hype because he could become the next best thing since Elway.

    lol. What are you scared of? Did Tebow steal your other quarterbacks thunder?
  13. He can have whatever beliefs he wants but I just think its funny that people think God is helping him win. Im sure if god exist(which I dont think he does) he would definetly not take time out of his day to help some dude win football games.
  14. Exactly, and yet only Tebow gets a $250,000 Bonus check for beating the steelers? Probably more because of all the $$$ he's making the Broncos franchise with this hype.. but still. Kind of weird.
  15. clearly God, if he exists, would not give a shit about football. So many Christians all think God is intervening in the games and they are getting all fucking weird about Tim Tebows stats. If any pro football players actually cared about God or Jesus or Christianity, they would take a massive pay cut or donate a shit ton of money to charity to help the unfortunate in the world.
  16. TIM tebow is a big Christian. The epitamy of Ricky Williams to the weed nation lol. They don't really talk about it. But people associate them with it. He doesnt rub it in peoples face. He thanks his team mates and he's a great guy. An ok football player. But I like him because he showed up against the steelers. If I was on his team I would appriciate this guys faith not only in God but the team. I'd be like do you playa. I got respect for you

  17. I don't even really care for football that much. I mean it will entertain me sometimes, but I could care less if my home team is good or not. I would prefer if Tebow didn't turn the broncos into some mission effort though, and didn't make all the christians in colorado more crazy than they already are too
  18. If Jesus is the reason Tebow is any good, that means Tebow in fact sucks ass. So there's at least that.

    Tebow: I'm nothing but a bitch without Jesus.

    Nothing but a bitch with Jesus, too.
  19. you are disgusted by the media... forcing the jesus god complex down your throat. so what the dude kneels after a score or points to the sky... he might even be thankful for being able to play the sport.

    you are disgusted by the hype and talk, dun get it twisted
  20. This is entertaining how one man can cause such controversay and debate.

    He reserves the right to give credit to himself, his teammates, and most importantly to him, God. So what does that have to do with your opinion of him as a football player. The media uses words such as 'magical' to describe his performance but how i see it they lack giving everyone else credit it always seems to be an afterthought like, "Tim tebow does it again" while going on about praising him only then is the rest of the team mentioned, that's what takes away from his team however tim does a good job of giving his team credit and i applaud him for that and his will to win because of the energy he brings whether he gets it from jesus or some other source - doesn't matter to me.

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