Tightvac, how secure isit against dogs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by deepdub, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. anyone got one?

    looking to wrap up the skunk in cling very securely. then pop it into a tightvac container.

    will be wrapped just before travelling and should be in there for around 15 hours.

  2. Post this in the apprentice tokers, all marijuana related questions belong in there. :)
  3. You would need to know the time it takes for the weed to permeate through. As long as there is no residue on the outside and you technically had a device that allowed no smell through, it would be dog proof. However everything in life is slightly porous, and the more porous, the less time before a dog can smell it.

    My clinical recommendation is also to not bring it anywhere near where drug dogs are, like say an airline. Ruining your trip because you wanted an 1/8th of buds is a stupid rookie mistake, you aren't a rookie, are ya?
  4. i own a tightvac and it theres zero outside scent for most buds, but im up here in norcal so it doesnt tend to work all the time, i have some XJ13 in theyre right now and you can smell it as soon as i walk in my room, alotta buds still reek right through it if theyre potent enough
  5. Nothing is completely dog proof. And if you think you might have found something that is... in time (mabey 1 min.. mabey days...???) the dog will be able to pick up the smell...

    Dogs are detecting cancer in people among other things... common people.. ya really think something is doggy proof how about you try it first and let me know. This questions pops up alot on these forums. People worry me sometimes..lol
  6. Cant say how they'd work against dogs but they are good enough to work against parents. I had one for almost a year and thought it was pretty secure but dont know if I'd definitely trust it against a drug dog.
  7. you can try putting your stuff in a ziplock bag, then a smelly proof bag then the tightvac for extra protection
  8. Scent molecules are extremely small and will permeate any container (be it a 10ft concrete wall or a tripple vac sealed bag) all it needs is time.
  9. Tightvacs don't work so well anyways....

  10. Perfectly said. Pay attention to this... Time Time Time... The question is "How bigga boy are ya" meaning... Do you feel like taking the risk to find out how long whatever baggie stays smellie proof??? I for one am not willing to take that chance... but if ya do... Please report back :) :D
  11. The greatest odour sensor humans have developed can recognise one part in a trillion. A dog can smell one part in a QUADRILLION.

    Take the risk if you think it's worth it, but just know that I'd never do it (like you care).
  12. If you want to get busted then go for it. I highly recommend against it.
  13. BUY BUD WHEN YOU GET THERE, seriously. ITS THE EASIEST FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD TO DO, I've done it literally every time i went somewhere since i was 17, never took me longer than the first night. I also work at a hotel, everybody that works at a hotel knows where to get, just ask.
  14. This is VERY true. Dogs can pick up the scent through things that you would never expect them to be able to. You cannot fool them. Don't try.
  15. am i the only one who doesnt know what the tightvac is lol

  16. its an airtight nugjar.

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