Tight or Loose Type BUDS?

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  1. :smoke: Can someone tell me what is the most likely cause of a loose type Bud and not a tight nugget type Bud. I do not think it is genetic. This has happened with different types of seed. The weed is good stuff just a loose type Bud.Could it be over feeding? Any help would be great.
  2. could have been grown using too little light from CFls that were too far away from the plant...
  3. there are a lot of variables to effect bud density such as genetics/lights/temps. if you post your set up maybe we can take a guess at which it could be.
  4. Could be a lot of things, but typically heat and lack of light penetration will do the trick...moreso the former than the latter would be my guess, if you've noticed this across the board with several strains. What is your environment like? (i.e. temps/RH/media used/etc.)
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    400 HPS , 2'x2'x7'H , very good ventilation, no heat, deepwell 6" pot, change water every 2 weeks, check PH and TDS every 2 days, I usually have the light about 12" from plant tops. I live where the humidity is very high. That is my set up for budding
  6. what are your temps with lights on?

    Are you noticing that all of the buds on the plant are loose and airy, or only the lower flowers?
  7. what type of light are you flowering under? if the light isnt intense enough then sometimes it will cause airy buds, genetic does play a part, there are strains out there like dr. grinspoon that dont even make "buds" but very large single flowers.
  8. Its even the main Buds some are 8 to 10" by 11/2" wide
  9. 400w HPS. 12" from plant
  10. not sure if you're missing my post or ignoring it -- what are your temperatures with lights on? Penetration is not the issue with a 2x2 space and a 400w HPS, I ruled that out immediately upon seeing your last post.
  11. It runs about 85 to 90 degree in the summer and about 75 degree in the winter
  12. Do you notice that in the winter the buds are tighter and less airy or is it the same regardless of the season? 85 to 90 degrees is way too hot for most modern hybridized strains unless you're blasting co2 as well...and that heat would definitely contribute to lower yields of looser, airier, lower quality buds.
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    I have been thinking of hooking the box up to the central air its on the other side of the garage. Or is it just the roots that need to be cooled mabe a chiller?
  14. im not sure about the size of your box or how "stealth" it is, but 1 thing i did to lower my box temps was to put my box almost directly over the a/c vent in the room. temps are staying 75-80f which is about what temp i typically keep my house at.
  15. The root zone is arguably the most important part of your environment in regards to temperature, yes, but it's not the only issue to consider. A chiller may help, but unless you dial down your entire environment to a reasonable temp you will still likely experience the same issues, as from what I can tell, the issue lies above the root zone, not below it.
  16. yeah its too hot for them. 85 is sorta cutting it. try to cool em off. do you have a chiller at all? how hot is the water?
  17. Update, I moved the flowering room in the house in an open bedroom in the A/C with a fan blowing at bulb height temp. is holding at 78 deg. I left the grow room out in the garage hooked that up to the A/C that is holding at about 80 deg. that is all 4' floresents and CFL's not much heat. I could not get 400 watt hps cool enough in the hot garage so I moved it inside. I put this batch of plants under this set-up but it probably will not help this batch since they are over half way done but I have some ready to go in when they are done and we will see what happens. I am glad I own my own home that I can move this stuff around like I did the hardest part was talking the wife into it. Thanks for helping me out.:D

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